View Full Version : Champions High Universe: Players [andGMs] Wanted!!

08-30-2010, 05:40 PM
I'm Looking for players [and GMs ] for my campaign Champions High Universe. It's a shared world campaign that consists of two games and will soon grow to five. At present, I've posted two campaigns on Storycrafter and Real Roleplaying Forums which are listed below:
http://www.storycrafter.com (http://www.storycrafter.com)
http://www.realroleplaying.com (http://www.realroleplaying.com)

TEAM ALPHA:the original campaign which was playtested on Yahoo Gorups and Herocentral.for details please PM me.
COURT OF DREAMS:Anime style Champions game starring magical girls.

Others of my campaign include:
BAD ATTITUDE: The villian campaign,coming soon
The Persus Project:A silver age campaign with overtones of "THE FUGITIVE" and "THE PRISIONER".
CPS#299:Kid Champions campaign inspired by "POWER PACK" and PS238.
If you are interested please email me and Iwill give you the details of each game and how to enter .:cool:

09-11-2010, 11:45 AM
For those of you who had went to the wrong URL,I've corrected it in the post so you might be able to check it out.Plus I inteand to put the Storycrafter campaign on hold until i have enough players and an extra GM to help out so if you want to participate the time is now fo in 54 hrs the campaign goes on hiatus.:o
I have now placed both campaigns here in P&P as social groups as to give you time to join in and get in on the fun. so look for the invite in the game invitations post. and be sure to sign in so imaight count how many players we have.