View Full Version : Looking for DMs (chat-based 3.5e d&d)

08-25-2010, 02:50 AM
We run a multiple-party game with several DMs running individual campaigns in a single meta-world umbrella.

We now have many players looking for a group and need to fill 2 DM positions. As a DM you'll get all the tools you need to run a chat-based game (no voice). You'll need to run a weekly 2-hour session in a time of your choice.

If you're a qualified DM that have run either face-to-face d&d games (any edition) or chat-based games (any fantasy platform), you'll fit.

Contact me at joinseekers@yahoo.com (joinseekers@yahoo.com) for more details. Do no post here.

Provide the following:

Full name
Year of birth
State (if US) or country (if not)
General availability to run a session (2 week slot). Use Pacific (e.g. Los Angeles) time zone
General d&d / fantasy RPG experience
DMing experience
DMing style (intrigue? puzzles? combat? roleplay focus?)
Are you willing to accept players completely new to d&d, or prefer a veterans-only game