View Full Version : Exalted/D&D/WoD/Nobilis (yeah right, I know) player LFG

08-24-2010, 11:59 AM
Well I've been in Hillsboro for 3 years now (moved here from NY) and I'm kind of craving some tabletop play to go w/ my weekly Skype game. I'm a 27 year old software engineer who runs my own business, showers daily and didn't use Charisma as a dump stat when I was being born. Looking for people in a similar condition (age doesn't matter to me quite so much as maturity and social skill) to game with. I play:

D&D 2-4 (pref 3.5)
Exalted (love it)
WoD (Mage (either nMage or oMage) are my favorites but I can play anything in either WoD)
Amber DRPG

I'm willing to learn other systems -- I love homebrews and obscure systems like DitV or Cthulutech or whatnot. Weekend or evening games preferred -- I'm willing to drive a ways (say 30 miles or so) from Hillsboro, so if you're in the area and looking for an experienced player I'd love to know about it.