View Full Version : Aspect of Jehovah

08-24-2010, 10:47 AM
Alright, so before you read this post, I'm gonna say this now; Its meant to be funny, but please do not take offence to it.

I made this Dwarven Cleric, his name "Aspect of Jehovah". His entire strategy is to intimidate our group out of all of their battles by interupting the battle and preaching to them the about Jesus.

It was working for a while, but, sadly, Beholders do not like Jehovah's witnesses, and Aspect died and could not be revieved. All in all, he was pretty fun to play; I barely ever got attacked, because enemies were intimidated by me; I got some pretty good laughs out of my friends; and I helped my enemies with healing, except the final battle. (How was I supposed to know that Beholders are Athiest?)

Now, I'm working on a new character; a Jewish Shaman, who's mother always nags him, saying "You should've been a Cleric like your brother!" Unless you have a very religious friend, I would recommend trying one of these. It ads diversity and loads of humor into the game.