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08-23-2010, 05:42 PM
Alright, so I had this human fighter that specialized in two-weapon fighting with two Kukri. Yeah, Kukri arent the strongest, but they served the purpose I had; They were vorpal. The kukri has an 18-20 crit rate, and the one in my main hand was also keen. My GM said "To benifit from Vorpality, you must score a crit." With a crit rate of 15-20 with my main hand weapon, that wasnt too hard. I know that a vorpal weapon was only supposed to decapitate on a natural 20, but he said crit, so thats what we went by. Lucky me ^.^

With pleanty of fighting feats (Greater Two-weapon fighting, Greater Weapon focus Kukri), all I had left was to take a ton of Fleet, increasing my speed by 5 each time. Eventually, I proved better then all the rest when it came to fighting. When it came time for the final boss, the Jabberwocky didnt last long; one hit, actually.

The GM has since looked into Vorpality, discovered that it can only be used on a natural 20, and scolded his own stupidity. I just thought you might've liked to hear the story.

Oh well, no more vorpal weapons for me. I guess I'll have to stick with twin-keen scimitar. They work well, too.