View Full Version : 4th Edition D&D Eberron Campeign recruitment (Toledo, Ohio, Lucas County)

08-20-2010, 09:23 PM
Hello there! I'm am a new-ish DM ooking to form a gaming group for a game of D&D 4th Edition, set in the Eberron campeign setting. I posted an ad for this a year ago, but I've decided to re-post since I have motivation again to recruit! the last one fell apart due to IRL issues with some of the group.)

I'm looking for some nice players, above all, I'm looking for nice people who can put up with someone new to DMing like me, and new players are welcome, as one of my current players is very good about teaching people, and I'm very open to helping as well. I used to play at the RPGA games at the Game Room, but I'm excited to try this setting out, and well, I'd like to play with my brother (another one of the players.) and he felt uncomfortable with the RPGA games, as did I, eventually.

If anyone is interested, please call me at 419-699-5893 or E-mail me at granis25@gmail.com and I can answer your questions, and we can work on hashing out some dates eventually

08-21-2010, 07:04 PM
Just a quick update that the game will be run on Saturdays from 4pm-7:30pm EST,