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08-17-2010, 11:04 AM
Hey, just signed up to the forum, testing the water with a post about the d&d game I'm currently running.

Brief outline (without all the details, feel free to ask for more):
The PCs of this game include a fighter, sorcerer, rogue, druid plus a cleric which is run by me as an extra. This is fairly early on atm, all level 3.

The general idea, is the party kept running into this Black Wizard, who is of course the recurring villain of irritation. An underground company was destroyed by said-villain and the party were comatosed for 18yrs.

Now, the Villain, who the party know is a Lich runs a city the size of a kingdom (known as New-Lunas) which was risen again by the Lich after over 1000 years. The Lich is a reincarnation of Vecna, with Kas the first lieutenant running around on top.

The party are running in the dingy, run-down end of the city (south) with another Lich, Crowley, who was the most powerful spellcaster back in Old-Lunas who created hundreds of 'Artifacts', magical items that do interesting stuff (more than your usual +1 etc).

That's the short version :p

Mainly, I'm struggling with the geography and layout of New-Lunas. I need it to be interesting, for instance: a floating city-kingdom? But that seems typical. I'm also thinking of having it on a different plane, but details such as how you get in/out of the city get awkward. Though, I may just have it lying in the middle of nowhere with the surrounding area obliterated, and covered in big ol' monsters.

The main problem being, Old-Lunas was the biggest city in the world and was full of life and trade. It was basically the super-power. So if I want to recreate it, I need to have the outside world able to make contact.

Apologies for the length of the post, but let's see how you do!

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A bit more info about Lunas (New/Old).
I've got it set as the southern end is the yucky bit, and it gets nicer as you go North. Very North in the middle is a huge citadel, where Vecna and Kas sit happily (though Vecna is in secret to the city, only the party know he's actually running the show).

Maybe have half the city hanging off a cliff, the Northern part being levitated by magic, as the city is gonna be pretty magic-central, as the original was with Crowley.

08-17-2010, 10:21 PM
Random Ideas:

1. A pond with water that petrifies those that it touches.
2. A neighborhood of ghouls ruled by a strong female ghoul.
3. A cult of sahuagin who seek all to conform to their strict spartan religion, but will tolerate other races that accept their creed.
4. A region where all spellcasters have to put up with wild magic.
5. A villian not connected with the BBEG, who puts people into cages.
6. A chaotic good fey warlock who helps people, including the PCs.
7. A neighborhood controlled by witches that has only the most minimal allegiance to the Lich, just enough to avoid having to confront him.

If you want more ideas, let me know. I have thousands.

08-18-2010, 03:37 AM
Thanks for the help.
I like no. 1, and I may incorporate that somewhere. I've also got no. 4 in the making, as I've already got a table for it.

No. 2 and 7, I like, but that may tie in too much with the dingy end of Lunas already, with Crowley and the nasty people. But that's more the fact that Vecna doesn't care about them. I like the idea though.

Any more would be appreciated :)
As I said, I mainly need ideas for the city and how it can be interesting, rather than just a city on some land with some towns and a nice happy farmer people and wah..wah...wah.

08-18-2010, 11:28 PM
For #7, perhaps the witches live in one of the more fashionable and prosperous neighborhoods.

Here are some more ideas from my Random Ideas Box.

8. Gnomes who keep a low profile, but help people who need it and are "good of heart". They operate as a resistance "underground" opposing Vecna.

9. A magic shop run by a gal who can also make magic potions, wands, and wondrous items. But Vecna knows what she does. The PCs might not know this fact about her, though.

10. An iron golem in the form of a lion, that can be animated if the proper key can be found.

11. "A sword that can detect meal." It can also find water, detect poison, kill parasites, and purify food and water. Handy for the hungry hero.

12. Slavers who press-gang unsuspecting citizens and sell them either as slaves or to draft them into the military.

13. "Sixteen harpies". A coven of 16 harpies occupy an abandoned building, perhaps a church or temple. The leader of the harpies probably has class levels in some sort of divine casting class.

14. Red cloaks. The person wearing one gains some nice benefits (perhaps a deflection bonus to armor and an enhancement bonus to saving throws), but beware, because Vecna knows what happens to everybody who wears one, because he saw to it that these were distributed for adventurers to find.

15. The Thieve's Guild is nasty and notorious, but they also would like to see Vecna deposed because he knows too much. The guildmaster contacts the PCs. He has his headquarters in a neighborhood that is marked off with string so as to ritually be considered "one house". Because he is actually a Scorpion-Man, he rarely leaves "his house".

I have two boxes of index cards on which I've written many ideas, and when I need one, I draw one at random from either the left or the right box, chosen randomly. There's plenty more where these came from.

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I think I'll add a few more ideas that may be suitable for the "good side of town".

16. Neried priestess. She lives in a pool in a shrine owned by a wealthy citizen. She has important information that the PCs need, but they have to find out about her, gain access to her, and convince her to help them.

17. Hall of Caryatids. When the PCs enter this room, the caryatids animate and attack, fighting as 5th level warriors.

18. Black Pixie. Her skin is as black as coal. But will she be friend or foe?

19. Wealthy vigilantes. This sorcerer and monk live together in one of the mansions, but they work to protect people from evil. Unfortunately, they don't necessarily trust the PCs, and might hamper their work.

20. A half-elf bard lives in a mansion which has a "very well" in the back yard. Those who drink from the "very well" gain a +4 enhancement bonus to their highest ability for 24 hours. The bard also has magic items that she could be persuaded to loan the party, if they are able to convince her that it is for a good reason, and that she'll be getting the items back. Her attitude will have to be changed from Indifferent to Helpful, and she will have to be convinced that this is a good idea.

21. Temple of the Phoenix. A phoenix gets resurrected here, except that something is wrong, and must be set right before the phoenix can return to life.

08-19-2010, 06:21 AM
Whoa. I'm quite impressed with the quantity here.

Gonna read 'em over a few times and give them all consideration, all very helpful and provocative, thanks :)

08-24-2010, 01:37 AM
I'm always coming up with ideas and putting them in my box. It's been one of the best ideas I've had.

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These ideas are making me think of the 1980 Flash Gordon movie, where Flash had to organize a revolt among the different factions oppressed by Ming the Merciless's rule. This sort of thing could be an option for your story, with PCs able to get allies if they know how to be subtle and diplomatic.