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Many have attempted, many have compiled and drawn from one of the greatest console campaigns ever foretold; few have tasted the truth.. the dark weaves that interlace the true story...

Gather your Courage, your Power and Wisdom, to traverse a land set before you, both vast and mysterious, setting forth against an onslaught of new creatures, somehow filled with a sense of familiarity, new villains, and new artifacts to gather! Do you have what it takes to brave through the mystic land of Hyrule to save the dieing earth from some unseen force? Do you dare seek the path of the once grand hero of legend, to match wits against the deadly puzzles and labyrinths below? Then come with all your might and glory, so that you might be praised as the Hero of Hyrule! Come and explore The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the D20!

100+ New Creatures
10+ New Spells
30+ New Artifacts
New Races to Meet
New Class to face : Wizzrobe
Dozens of Mini Quests and Mini Dungeons

Campaign Setting

I have worked on this campaign bits and pieces for almost 3 years now, wanting to make it come alive. With that comes a great attachment to it. I know 4e is out, I know people prefer it, but I do not have the time or patience to convert it.

3.55e -Revised slightly from 3.5 to make changes as necessary for smoother gameplay, as well as preventing some overpowered combos that might jeopardize the entertainment of my campaign. As such, you can receive a copy of my house rules at any time, but most are minor changes at that.

Time and Place

Convenience dictates that My place, albeit small, would be a good place to go to. We have a table, chairs, I have my reference stuff here, etc. It is as mentioned North Plano near Allen off Legacy and Central. The time that best works for us is Saturday Evenings Probably 6 or 7 to whenever, hopefully Midnight or 1 ish, at times maybe more. of course a weekly sitting as well. Address given upon

Players and GM

GM - Brief history, I am 23, a RPer for many a season. I have played since the day it was once known as AD&D. I have played many a campaign, completed some rigorous adventures, played Warrior, Wizard, Clerics and more, Aloof and Wise, Stoud and Strong. I am familiar with many aspects, but I am also open to new ideas and concepts. I have a semi chill attitude, and, as long as things progress, I am cool with it.
Players - I have 2 Players so far.
Hannah, is 17, and this will be her first campaign into DND. She herself into roleplaying, but untouched by the soft embrace, virgin to the will of the dice, will be setting forth her first character. I shouldn't have to share that I enjoy seeing players experienced and new alike.
Recep, is 23, and has a few under his belt, but mostly low level. No campaign he has played has progressed passed a few sessions, and I aim to correct that. He lives with me, and is pretty observant and true to his character. He has a big personality and is open to meeting good people. Can be a bit offensive at times, but hey who isn't as long as it is in good humor.

Who I ask you are

I seek 2 players who are familiar with the setting and preferably the game based. I ask that you have low to mid experience as this is not going to be a campaign that is like OMG YOU DID NOT SPEAK IN CHARACTER! This is a relaxed environment filled with references, sometimes harmless crude jokes, and a social group for people who want to relive the fantasies that is Zelda. Neither of us Smoke or Drink, so I would prefer you do not as well. If you do smoke, we ask that you do not smoke inside at all, but use the back of the house outside, out of respect, and sadly no, there will be no alcohol consumed here. Any other questions or concerns/comments feel free to post here or PM me. ABOVE ALL ELSE... I need reliability. We all have our lives to deal with, but I really want to have this go somewhere, so please only if interested.

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If at all possible I am looking to start this as early as Sept 4th.


Our story begins in MEDINA the home continent of the adventures. All around the continent and the surrounding oceans, hundreds of caravans have disappeared into nothingness. All that remains are black sphere voids along the road, "Miniature Black Holes" dubbed by local scientists. Trade routes have therefore been called into question. RAOUL, a major power, has sent scientists and sages alike to undertake research for this mysterious phenominon. After many months, they returned, calling forth a meeting of all able bodied adventurers to the port town of BOGARD. Once there, the aventurers are met by a royal advisor who explains the situation well. "Our many researchers have determined that the causes are based off THE LANDS TO THE WEST. There are many islands and continents there, so we will have to send you to each of them with the information we have gathered to which We have received permission to dock. Once there, you will be greeted by a local contact who will assist you in determining whether or not their country is the origin of this disaster. Draw from this here hat to determine which destination you will go. Once decided, you will have an opportunity to choose a leader who will receive this Parchment with all the information we have and the contact information. Finally, the successful adventurers who return with the solution will be awarded this here town as prize to do as you see fit." He holds up a deed to the port town of BOGARD. For whatever purpose, you find yourself standing there, awaiting in line your designation, and, for that very reason, take your turn to draw from the hat, revealing a parchment that says the name "HYRULE".