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08-13-2010, 08:35 AM
I am not sure how I feel about flexible attribute bonuses for the new PH3 races. However, I am of the mentality, WOTC knows what they are doing a bulk of the time, so I was thinking of retrofitting some of the older races to fit this mentality.

I know the essentials line is doing this for some of the PH races, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought in terms of what I have come up with.

In terms of MM/MM2/MM3/Dragon Magazine races, I am leaving them be. As exotic races, that's the sacrifice you make.

For PH:
Elf and Eladrin were split from the original elf and both share Dex, so that could be the flexibility there.


They say in their article, human's will get a racial power that gives them an encounter immediate interrupt to give a +4 to any ST or atk after the roll is made. I'd say do that, OR give them a free multi-class feat (or hybrid option feat if a hybrid character). Gives them that sense of versality they are known for. OR do both.


can't think of one. Cha seems to be at the core, but what to have flexible is unknown. I would have never given them a CON bonus (Although I do like it). Maybe give them a free multiclass or hybrid option feat (that doesn't count towards the max of 1) like the human above.

core: Dex choice: INT/CHA

Halfing's have always had Dex as a bonus. Also, rogue has always been their iconic class, but strong halfling's don't make sense, so this seemed the best fit. Yes a DEX/INT bonus combo is limited, but that's the sacrifice you make.


core: CON choice: wis/str

this is what is happening for essentials


core: STR choice: CHA/WIS

Fits in best with how dragonborn's iconic class is paladin. This will fit in better with that. I would say CHA as core, but dragons are too strong for that. Dragons are wise too, so thought wis is a good compromise.

Core: Cha choice: INT/CON

Tiefling's are too wiley (devilish) to not have a good CHA always. I figure CON makes sense (fiends are resilient) and it would fit in best for its iconic class (warlock).

For PH2:
Core: Wis choice: INT/CON

To me, the iconic class for Deva's are the Invokers. These are the best scores for invokers, and at their core, they are wise beings. I was kind of thinking STR instead of CON to better match with the other divine classes, but invoker seemed the best fit.

Core: INT choice: CON/CHA

This I am going to do even if I don't change other races. A) I think there should be a normal race with a INT/CON bonus. B) gnomes used to get a CON bonus, but no longer. C) this will fit in REALLY well with the tinker gnome conception for artificers. D) gnomes always seemed closely related to dwarves, and this brings that back.

Core: STR choice: CON/WIS

Again going back to iconic classes. To me, the goliath fits the warden best. Some might say, "Minotaurs already have this." My retort, minotaurs are pretty monstery, and this allows a DM to justify not having them.

Core: DEX Choice: STR/CON

From AD&D, 1/2 orcs were the best race for assassins and rogues. This would best reflect that. However, when we think of orcs, we think of the savage barbarian, which is best portrayed by the STR being the core and DEX/CON being the choice. But the orc's abilities (swift charge) is associated with speed which is inherently associated with DEX. Finally, this allows a ideal build for an assassin without using a dragon magazine or MM race.


Like elves/eladrin, this one is already kind of there. So leaving it as is.

FR and Eberron Races:

Already done


Core: Cha Choice: INT/WIS

Kalashtar are the iconic psions. This best fits that.


Core: STR Choice: CON/INT

As constructs, I figure STR should be the core (even if the ENC power reflects CON should be). The reasoning behind INT (and STR as core) was associated with warlord. As a race designed for war, you'd think there'd be a good amount of warlords leading them. From 3rd edition, they said WIS and CHA were penalties, so that ruled them out, and DEX didn't seem a good fit either (Leaving INT).


Core: INT Choice: CON/STR

Mainly guided by the fact they are the iconic swordmage. Also, when thinking about earth and water genasi, being robust (high CON) seems to make sense.


put it up with elves/eladrin. This gives them a 3rd choice in a sense. ALways Dex at core.

So, PPG community, thoughts, comments, revisions??

Please be civil. If you don't think the other races should have flexibility, that's fine, but be pleasant about it, please.

09-16-2010, 01:25 PM
I would think that Half-Elves should be CHA and DEX rather than CON, as that would fit more with the other elf lines. But aside from that I don't see anything.

09-18-2010, 03:37 PM
Personally, I would just let players choose one modifier as listed and then choose the second modifier in whatever they want, provided they can justify it in their background. The probable I have with 4e is that, depending on your game, unless you max the key attribute in the class, your not going to be as effective with your powers (attack modifiers for example). This limits certain race-class combos, IMO.

09-19-2010, 03:30 AM
That's a bit too generous if you ask me. The races are fairly balanced. There are generally feats in place that more than make up for those stat differences and odd combos.