View Full Version : Volsung's Characters (for Super Brawl)

08-11-2010, 10:32 AM
So, here's a potential character for the super Brawl.
'Overdrive' that I converted from a previous canceled game.
I know his background looks a bit disjointed and the whole sheet is a little rough :)
I wonder if I mastered the character creation and if he's fully applicable.
What do you think DragonFly?
Maybe he's too much versatile to be that effective.

08-11-2010, 11:41 AM
And now Detective Zero!
Zero is an highly advanced android He/it does't know how and why he/it was created. His first memory is waking up in an empty lot during a stormy night.0 was the only Id that can be found on his metal skin.He wandered in the downtown ,kept a low profile and observe the humans...He was looking for a purpose, to figure why and what he was.
He finally met that man :Ray Andrews. The decisive meeting that would change his life.
Ray was a private detective caught up in a gunfight between rival gangs. Zero stepped in and saved his life. A strong friendship was born that night. Zero became his partner and found a family in the person of Ray and his daughter Emily. Alas Ray's investigations angered a mob boss. A hitman ended Ray's life. Zero catched the killer but the damage was done... For her father's memory , Emily decided to continue his work. Nowadays their duo is well known in the neighbourhood.

Composure 2
Fortitude 4
Reaction 2
Will 2


dependant (emily)

academia 2
investigation 2
shooting 2
Intrusion 2
fighting 2
The rest 1

energy control blast only 3
invisibility 1
regeneration 1
super leap 1
super strength 2
Super Senses 1