View Full Version : Little Rock, AR: The Underground Fellowship

08-09-2010, 03:19 PM
We are looking to start a regular (weekly) group - DnD4, traditional high fantasy. Open to setting ideas.. we have at least one GM but GM loves to play too, so GM sharing is possible.

One of our players is in graduate school, the other is a long-time player... our main goal is to establish a core group of laid-back, but a dedicated group who enjoy each other and the game.

Games will be held weekly and at night, but times/day is flexable (will go with what is easy for most of the group).

The game will also have a hosted website on the wizards website once its stared for character blogs, and game highlights.

Email or PM for more details if you have questions... we'd like to start in September.

Take care! Savoy