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08-06-2010, 08:38 AM
I run an online RPG Old world of Darkness Game on IRC. For more information check out our Website http://burning-bridge.webs.com/ The game is set in modern day England and is located on irc.Darkmyst.org the channel name is #BurningBridge Chat programs like mIRC, Chatzilla and Mibit will all give you access.

We have a wide variety of gamers of all level all willing to help each other out with rules, and dice. Its a very social game and the channel operators those with the @ by their names are friendly and always happy to help. Stories are run regularly. Play usually happens 24 hours a day as it suits all players availabilities. Live the life of you characters and see were they end up, that is the beauty of IRC gaming. The Dice bot and weekly XP allows for good character development.