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Death Rattle
08-05-2010, 08:48 PM
A new Pathfinder Campaign starting on sunday at 4pm est, I would say plan to end around 8pm est or any time before that.

PM me or post a reply here if you're interested, want to start this coming Sunday.

(http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-traveler-s-tavern/wikis/main-page)Listed on the obsidian portal site are some home brew revisions to certain feats and other content.

Obsidian Portal Site (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-traveler-s-tavern/wikis/main-page)


08-07-2010, 05:14 PM
sounds awsome death i just dont know anything about map tools

08-16-2010, 07:47 PM
I might want to get in on this. How many people are already in, and what character roles and classes are they playing?

Death Rattle
08-18-2010, 03:21 AM
There are 5 at this point and that is where I think i'll cap it. I'll update the post if there are any openings