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08-04-2010, 10:49 PM

I bought the basic D6 system book (pictured above) before West End Games went under (and released a bunch of their books as free PDFs, go me) and had been looking at it and planning a game and developed skills and stuff I wanted to use etc.

Then the other day I got a friend to run a test combat with me - it was brutal and fast! Is it always like that?

I had a robot with say a 5D blaster and gave my friend's stock space hero guy the same, I gave them both about 4D reflexes/dodge etc and they both had 3D Body or whatever. I just wanted to see what a boring old back-and-forth would be, no fancy stuff or dodging to cover - hero's first shot did like 19 damage, I think I was using the option not where you make a Resistance roll but where if it's over your Body but not twice, it does 1 Wound or something? Anyway, a few shots back and forth, with me missing a number of times, my friend had defeated the robot in like 4 shots, handily, only took like 9 damage himself, total (if we'd been using the other system, so that worked to be not quite 2 Wounds).

What did I do wrong - did I read the rules wrong, use a bad option? I was expecting I had used the faster and more cinematic option with the "everybody has 5 Wounds", but it wouldn't have mattered if everybody had 20 and I'd done the other option, except I would have been making Resistance rolls each time, which would have taken longer and been more tedious, but I guess that would have cut down on the damage taken? I really like(d) the D6 idea but it seems like it isn't feasible for a cinematic campaign the way I did it, as it is too quick and deadly so I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong, as I have only played it a couple times and this system book is honestly really badly put together and explained.

08-04-2010, 11:14 PM
I wish I could be of more specific help but I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the changes to the D6 System after its publication in the 2nd edition of the Star Wars RPG. That version uses the "attacker rolls Weapon Damage, defender rolls Resistance Attribute" system as the default resolution for combat damage. That system has a nice variety to it in that you can never quite tell exactly how devastating an attack will be...so it's generally better to avoid getting hit than to rely upon your ability to "soak" it. It also doesn't really slow the game down to roll resistance, thanks to the simplicity of it.

When the weapon and resistance dice pools are fairly close, you'll tend to get a lot of "grazes", "stuns" and "light wounds" but there is always a chance that a single hit will incapacitate or mortally wound the target. That actually emulates the action of Star Wars quite well as one good hit is usually all it takes to bring someone down but the heroes spend a lot of their time ducking, dodging and staying out of the direct line of fire.

Yeah, D6 combat seems generally "quick and dirty". Characters don't have hit point buffers or any kind of cinematic "padding" to lengthen combat (other than using Character Points to increase your soak rolls). Honestly, I like it that way but it may not be everyone's cup of tea. A blaster is dangerous in Star Wars D6, as it should be.

08-05-2010, 04:25 PM
Thanks so much for your prompt reply, I appreciate it. It isn't bad it being so "decisive" I guess - I was just expecting, like I said, a bit more cinematic, like action movie hero stuff, not be quite so "BLAM! AUGH I AM SO DED!" I do agree it will work fabulous on things with a more gritty feel, I've got a sci-fi action/horror game along the lines of a cross between Event Horizon and Trancers/Virus/Doom (thus the robots), so I think it's workable for that, though I think I will enact the resistance rolls, as the flat "over this much but not double" is just too static and permissive to let unadjusted damage in.

Thanks again!