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08-04-2010, 12:49 AM
I've recently lost two of my players in our Darksun Campaign(our leader and defender), and I'm looking for 2 players to join myself and 3 others in a heroic fight for survival in the land of Athas. New players are welcome. Games are every other Saturday in Concord from noon to eightish. I can meet you ahead of the next session (I have limited availability due to my job, generally noon to three, mon-tues-thurs-fri) or we’ll work you in as necessary.
Darksun is a very different kind of D&D, I think of it as a fantasy Road Warrior setting. There are no Gods. Nature is hostile, wastes and desserts are dominant, and the sea has turned to silt. Civilization, such as it is, is totalitarian with powerful sorcerer kings crushing all. Arcane magic is easily twisted to greater power and is held much responsible for the state of the world. Mutations are everywhere, and psionics is common. Sometimes just surviving is heroic enough.
I've been DMing for more than 20 years and Darksun was a favorite 2e setting of mine. I'm aiming for 50/50 role playing/combat.