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You can find the post as it is so far here:

The main posts that I've put up are below. Thank you, Malruhn, for your help so far. Can you all help some more? Thoughts, comments? Interested in helping me play test it once it is donerer (online, via play-by post, and when it is super donerer, in your own games).

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Hedra Haft-underworld, undertakers, knowledge, farmers, harvest (N) Pre-existent from Nynswit and Rusnan (Death (abhors necromancy and Inse), Knowledge, Plant, Healing)
Ynswit Rhan-Dedication, bards, love, chaos, sailors (CN - Insane, can demonstrate all alignments at times) All-mother(Chaos, Protection, Water, Travel)
Rusnan Qhan-Logic, science, healing (N) All-father(Healing, Knowledge, Destruction)
Dhuraas Sur-beauty, animals, druids, rangers(LN, N tendencies) Daughter of Nynswit and Rusnan. (Animal, Plant, Sun)
Empirat Ne-war, law, patriotism, bards, paladins, fighters, (LG) Son of Nynswit and Rusnan (Law, Strength, War, Good)
Arte Finel-war, family, revelry, protection, fighters, rogues, diplomats (CG) Son of Nynswit and Rusnan (War, Trickery, Protection, Chaos)
Efter Helt-beauty, fertility, good, light, druids (NG) consort of Empirat (Sun, Good, Healing)
Anknyt Hres-magic, the stars, wizards, sages (NG) consort of Arte (Magic, Air, Knowledge)
Bilade Il-retribution, fanaticism, hate, desert, assassins, wizards (NE) brother of Rusnan (Sun, Destruction, Magic, Fire)
Inse Hus-necromancy, war, domination, blackguards, necromancers (LE) Estranged daughter of Hedra, sometime lover of Bilade (Death, Evil, War, Law)
More to come.

Hedra predates the other gods and legend has it that she will collect the essences of all the other gods as they die and become more powerful. Some say that she even begat Nynswit and Rusnan with the idea of devouring their essence in the end, thereby having the power to balance the world.
Nynswit gave too much of her essence in the birthing of the world and since then has never been the same.

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In the swirling nether reaches of quasi-existence, Hedra Haft coalesces and fades as Hedra balances the over with the under, the in with the out, the left with the right. Always being.
From the solid reaches of alt-existence, Rusnan Qhan and Ynswit Rhan step into the protohistory and breathe the undefined essence of a morphic plane. The fold of reality from that step solidifies into Aushalt (DMs note...Aushalt is a foreshortened version of the German word for "Enduring").

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Ynswit and Rusnan fled to this reality, fearing the retribution of Bilade Il. They thought they got here safely and eventually set about creating their world. Soon, though, some of the tribes of primitive peoples (elves and dwarves? halflings and gnomes?) they had created began to turn from them. They couldn't figure out why. It was Bilade. He had followed them and sought to turn their creation away from them. He soon began to invite other deific beings to town. War was introduced shortly after Ynswit and Rusnan discovered the betrayal. Ynswit blamed herself and eventually went mad from it. She didn't know that Bilade had brought in Inse Hus.
Empirat Ne was Ynswit and Rusnan firstborn son. He disagreed with his parents' idea that there needed to only be balance and instead actively opposed his parents' enemies. He is the god of justice and protection (righteous combat and all).

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I took this template from Farland.com
Empirat Ne (Father Justice)

Power of Heaven, Lawful Good
Portfolio: Noble War, Just Law, Health, Strength, Compassion
Domains: Law, Strength, War, Good
Favored Weapon: Claymore (bastard sword)
Typical worshipers: Paladins, Bards, most Good politicians, judges, bureaucrats and barristers
Empirat Ne is often depicted in art as a robust middle-aged man in full armor of the brightest metal bearing a massive claymore of simple beauty. He is also pictured as a fighting bard, holding a longbow and singing. Finally, he is known to appear as a stern, but fair judge. His priests, or Vanguards as they are known, worship him in many ways, but the most well-known way is to temporarily protect anyone and everyone who legitimately needs to be protected from evil people or nations. They will not, however abandon someone who still needs their protection to protect a new ward. Longer protection requires payment and quartering (though, this can be negotiated). The worship of Empirat is popular in many nations.
As a being, Empirat adores his parents but is frustrated by his father's uncaring ways and distraught by his mother's madness.
Holy days: Empirat's Pass Day, The Feast of the Righteous (a week-long mock preparation for war)
Church structure:
The Holy Church of Justice is very well organized. The individual temples are usually built like fortresses but some that are built in well established cities are designed as courthouses and indeed are. There are two main orders within the church and they work hand-in-hand.
The first is the Protectorate, they are the most well-known and often the order that is met on the road. Organized as an army, they hold rank according to battle acumen and are made up of Holy Knights (paladins), Knights (lay fighters who dedicate themselves to Empirat), Vanguards and Heralds (bards who draw their power from the songs, speeches, stories and plays they dedicate to Empirat). The ranks from low to high are Kastin, Segene, Seren, Aluf. Each rank can be Rishon (Vice) or Rav (Major). All titles are combined, so that Garvin might be officially addressed as Holy Knight Seren Rishon Garvin.
The other branch of the Holy Church of Justice are the Justicars. They only feature Vanguards and Heralds. They sit in tribunals that are assigned by superior Justicars. They are all referred to as Shoftim. Again, there are Shoftim Rishon, Shoftim and Shoftim Rav. There is also one tribunal of Aluf Shoftim Rav. These are superior to all mortal members of the church.
Tithe and donations: 10% to the church, Holy Knights and Vanguards must tithe a full 50% of their out-of-church earning (i.e. adventuring loot) in addition to the 10% of their salary.

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Inse Hus (Lady Law)

Usurper of The Kingdom, Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Conquest, Controlling Law, Death, Domination
Domains: War, Death, Evil, Law
Favored Weapon: Dire Flail
Typical worshipers: Blackguards, Necromancers, Assassins, warlords, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, duped masses
Inse Hus (she demands her full name to be used) is always pictured one of two ways, in fact to do otherwise is sacrilegious and is sure to incur the wrath of her priests, known as Reapers. She is a stunningly beautiful human woman with dark hair, dark eyes and seductive curves. She is clad either in clinging grey robes or jeweled and worked full plate. Her Reapers follow local laws strictly and expect others to do so, as well (unless the local law prohibits them from worshiping Inse Hus). Unlike other evil deities, Inse Hus does not condone murder, thievery, adultery or other immoral acts. In fact, in areas where they dominate politically and socially, they institute very harsh laws and punishments such as immediate post-trial beheadings, hangings, drownings, stonings, amputations and sterilizations. The bodies of the convicted are only returned to those families that can afford the ransom price. This ties into their main (but secret from even most of her worshipers) form of worship (and income). They offer free funerary services to the local peasantry. If the locals were ever to dig up the bones of their dearly departed and try to commune with the dead, they would almost certainly find the wrong soul attached. This is because the Reapers bury the bodies in their large cemetery, but excavate the graves from underneath soon thereafter. The reanimated corpses make up the rank and file of Inse Hus' proxy armies. These are hired out to interests that fight chaos and good. Reapers often enter the battle after the forces of good and/or chaos have been defeated and "save" the populous being attacked. The worship of Inse Hus is popular in many nations. She is abidingly "good" to her followers. Indeed, an unemployed or destitute follower of Inse Hus is very rare. Her followers tend to believe she is uncaring about good and evil and is only concerned about the rule of law. The Reapers fund food drives and have alms days. Most nations believe her church to be at worst harmless and at best inspired. More theocratic nations, however, tend to know the truth. Most people don't believe the truth, instead chalking it up to fanaticism by other, intimidated religions.
Inse Hus herself is at odds with her mother, Hedra Haft. As a young goddess, she secretly exerted her will over part of Hedra's Kingdom of the Dead. By the time Hedra noticed, Inse Hus had secured enough planar real estate to begin poaching souls. She does this through church-sponsored necromancy. The souls of those brought to unlife belong to Inse Hus, not Hedra or their respective gods whom they worshiped in life. And her Usurped Kingdom is growing, sending the balance of the planes out of alignment. The other gods are getting nervous and something will have to be done soon. Evidence of a union between Inse Hus and Bilade Il, the ramifications of which may seriously upset the universe.
Holy days: Alms Day (every 7 days), The Feast of the Warrior (held during the Feast of the Righteous and purposefully similar)
Church structure:
The Most High Church of Law and Order Devoted to Her Graciousness Inse Hus or The Church of Law as it is colloquially known, has 146 ranks and rates, delineating every detail needed. Most are not known by the public and have something to do with raising, selling or leading the undead forces. While the church detests murder, it sees assassination as necessary to maintain order at times and it counts assassins as some of its most powerful members. Those that find out too much will find themselves a target of The Church of Law. Honor and impeccable truth (so long as secrets aren't revealed, after all, their first order is to remain faithful to Inse Hus) are important facets of a Reaper's life.
Tithe and donations: 30% to the church. This and the secret rent-a-zombie system allows them to be so generous to their followers.