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Soft Serve
07-31-2010, 09:25 PM
I posted this idea a while ago but the achievements were class specific whereas here they are not.

The idea is at lv5 in 3.5 you don't get Feats, or Ability Score Inc. and none of the classes seem to get anything too remarkable other than potentially starting a prestige. So in my group at lv-5 the party starts having these achievements marked down for extra experience. It helps get us through what I consider dull levels (5-8ish) where spellcasters are decent but not impressive, and skills are still always seeming one short than you'd like. But at the same time the party can already overcome pretty difficult challenges.

Admittedly it's a chagrin to anyone not a power gamer, in some cases difficult to track (Missionary for example), and not for everyone, but a lot of it is fun and helps some of the lesser RP players little goals to reach for.

Some notes.

Most of these apply to my world where Khorvaire, Xen'Drik, Argonnessen, and Arenal (Eberron) takes center stage, Frostfell (Frostburn campaign supplement) takes the northern bits of the world, The Wastes (Sandstorm campaign supplement) takes the southern side, and Rokugan (Oriental Adventures) is a newly discovered land to the far west. If you don't have something similar in your campaign skip them or rewrite it.

The "Legacy" challenge requires the Weapons of Legacy. If you don't have that skip it.

One or two have been removed for strictly applying to a character of high power in my campaign, but if by chance they do end up on here just ignore them.

These are unorganized. While I have an organized version it would actually take me more work than to just copy and paste the unorganized one, and much like a DM draws his maps (The good copy he gets to keep while the players only see the bare minimum) You'll be seeing the spare. :D They're generalized though. Combat Challenges, People Skill Challenges, etc.

Color Code

Black : Does not need a supplement.
Red : Eberron.
Blue : Frostburn.
Orange : Sandstorm
Green : Oriental Adventures

General Challenges

Send More! - 2000
--Take on 5 enemies and suffer no damage.

Lords Honor - 2500
--Reach 10 Honor.

Weapons Master - 2500
--Learn 10 Exotic Weapon Proficiencies.

Preserve - 250
--Plant a tree.

In Case of Emergency - 2000
--Score a kill with an improvised weapon. (Chair leg, Torch, Deer Antler, etc)

Pilgrim - 10,000
--Visit every major city in Khorvaire.

Halt! - 500
--Kill something mid-sprint.

Stand Still! - 500
--An enemy misses your AC 5 times in a row. You cannot be wearing armor.

Flop - 250
--Miss 4 ranged attacks in a row.

Lightweight - 250
--Deal minimum damage.

Momentum Shift - 4000
--Land two crits on one enemy.

Fingertips - 250
--Miss a Reflex Save by one.

Anxious - 250
--Roll nat20 on Initiative.

Did I Miss It? - 500
--End a winning battle unconscious.

Legacy - 10,000
--Collect 10 Legacy Items.

Combat Challenges

I Wrestled A Bear Once - 3000
--Kill an adult bear with no weapons on your own.

Fear Not the Fall - 3000
--Kill a flying monster while riding it mid-flight.

Gladiator - 2500
--Execute an enemy publicly.

Skewer - 5000
--Kill two enemies with a spear at once.

Overkill - 2500
--Kill an enemy by dealing over 50dmg.

Splintering Blast - 2500
--Knock down the door killing something on the other side.

Overcoming Obstacles - 2500
--Kill an enemy with a strike that breaks his shield.

Coat of Many Colors - 10,000
--Kill a dragon of every color, securing a scale and tooth from each.

Spellcaster Challenges

Choke - 500
--Fail a healing spell.

I Can Fight! - 5000
--Finish an encounter using only melee weapons.

Predictable Mage - 2000
--Use all your spells-per-day on any level using the same spell over and over. (At least 4 times.)

Debilitating - 5000
--Kill an enemy by reducing a stat to 0.

Named For You - 1000
--Cast either Cat's Grace on a Cat, Fox's Cunning on a Fox, or Bulls Strength on a Bull.

POOF! - 2000
--Remain invisible for an entire encounter.

AFK - 1000
--Go invisible in an encounter and then skip the rest of your turns until it ends.

Librarian - 500
--Collect 50+ Scrolls or Texts.

Grimoire - 1000
--Write spellbook/scroll in blood ink.

Phase - 2000
--Literally turn an enemy into dust.

We're Casters Too! - 5000
--Finish an encounter only using spells. RGR/PAL only.

Guile Challenges

PrestigiDAMNIT - 1000
--Use a spell to distract someone while you steal all their money.

Careful Misplacement - 2500
--Kill an enemy in their own trap.

Dishonor Oneself - 2000
--Cheat at a Psychic or Iajutsu duel.

Luck Alone - 5000
--Activate every trap in a dungeon (at least 15) and take no damage.

I Swear He Slipped - 2000
--Stealthily pull an enemy off a ledge, killing them.

Pounce - 500
--Drop 40ft+ and score a kill on the landing.

Messenger Pigeon - 2000
--Tie an envelope with the money you owe a person enclosed to an arrow. Then kill them with it.

Silent Arrow - 1000
--Quietly snipe an enemy from a patrol without his allies noticing.

Moonlight Sonata - 2500
--Snipe an enemy light source and take advantage of their lack of vision.

Auditore Tribute - 5000
--Assassinate an enemy with a punching dagger on a busy street in broad daylight without getting caught.

Of Locksley - 500
--Hit two ranged attacks in a row on one enemy.

Shot in the Dark - 1000
--Ranged hit on an enemy with total concealment.

Castle Shanghai - 10,000
--Steal a Kingdom from a King/Queen.

Activate! - 2500
--Find the use of a mysterious item by trial & error without using any skills.

People Skills

Superstar - 2000
--Perform in a sold-out show.

Gimme! - 500
--Intimidate a merchant into an item for free.

Divine Domination - 10,000
--Intimidate a Solar Angel.

Pretty Please? - 500
--Charm a merchant into a free item. (Nonmagical)

Rough Crowd... - 3500
--Perform for 2+ Dragons.

Step Up - 500
-- Challenge a Bard to a dance-off. Win.

Firery Emotion - 10,000
--Charm a Balor Demon.

Craft Challenges

Just For You - 750
--Create a weapon with a rivals name on it, then kill them with it.

All Natural -- 1000
--Make either a trap or a weapon from unorthodox items in nature and kill with it. (Stick & Rock as a spear for example.)

In Your Image -- 3000
--Craft your dieties favored weapon spending at least 10Kgp on design.

Capitalism -- 5000
--Earn 5K on selling self-made items.

Grand -- 10,000
--Craft a 50K statue of either yourself, a hero, a politician, or a diety in a busy town square.

Warforged Reverence - 2000
--Craft a warforged replacement part.

Survival Challenges

Oh Shi... - 10,000
--Find the Tarrasque.

Woodsman - 1000
--One month, Forest.

Eskimo - 1000
--One month, Arctic.

Nomad - 1000
--One month, Plains.

Alpine - 1000
--One month, Mountians.

Saracen - 1000
--One month, Desert.

Denizen - 1000
--One month, Underground.

Amazon - 1000
--One month, Jungle.

Stranded - 1000
--One month, Urban.

Orbital - 2000
--2 weeks, Astral Plane.

Morality Challenges

Self-Sacrifice - 2000 - G
--Heal an ally in dire circumstance when you have less than 10HP left yourself.

Brink - 500 - G
--Heal a target with -9 HP.

Toy - 500 - E
--Beat a person down to -9HP, heal them back to at least 5 HP, then kill them.

Missionary - 5000 - L
--Convert 50 followers to your religion. (May earn again on a different continent. Khorvaire, Rokugan, Frostfell etc.)

Cult of Personality - 5000 - E
--Convince 5 people they want to be sacrificed to your god.

Four Winds - 10,000 - E
--Kill a King, chop them into 5 bits (Head & Torso, Limbs.) Take one piece to Frostfell (North), Argonnessen (East), The Waste (South), and Rokugan (West) while the Torso sits in Khorvaire (Center).

Ultimate Ally - 10,000 - G
--Convert a Balor Demon.

Not a Drop - 5000 - G
--Completely Disarm and Disable an opponent without damaging them.

Lapdog - 500 - L
--Follow foolish or otherwise dumb or contradicting orders to the letter.

Trophy Hunter - 1000 - E
--Take a humanoids head as a trophy.

Coerce - 1000 - C
--Taunt an enemy into attacking you first.

Disaster - 500 - C
--Destroy an inn-room.

Citizens Arrest - 1000 - L
--Help the local constabulary arrest someone.

Teresa - 1000 - G
--Give food to the homeless.

Breakdown - 5000 - C
--Incite a riot. You must also throw a chair through a window.

THUNDERDOME! - 10,000 - C
--Drive a city to the point of desertion. Inhabit it with raiders, and turn it into a massive arena.

Colonization - 10,000 - L
--Colonize Xen'Drik, The Waste, and Frostfell with 3 new major cities each.

Feedback is nice, thank you.

08-01-2010, 07:23 AM
I'm failing to see the point here. A lot of these "challenges" are nothing more than roll of the dice. Of Locksley? Any archer worth his salt.

Second thing. These are metagame events. I see the challenges pulling the players out of the game in order to try for them. They are anit imersion.

Soft Serve
08-01-2010, 12:11 PM
My players have never been "immersed in a character". They treat it like a game to be played the same as any store bought disc. So the metagaming I don't argue at all. Just saying it fits my group, and from some other forums sites it fits other players, and as far as I know no one else has posted any here so I thought I would share my efforts. Anyone reading is free to steal this exact list to the T if they want.

In that same grain my players typically find something they're good at (melee, spellcasting, whatever) and stick to it. Challenges like "Of Locksley" are little tits for tat. Try something new, get something for it. It's been more successful than I expected with them picking up more and more things left and right. A player who has never played a caster for fear of the complications took a level in Ranger a few games ago in hopes of unlocking some Spellcasting Challenges. So far he's been using them to endure elements and enjoying the secondary caster role. Our Sorcerer planned on taking Arcane Trickster which puts them at SOR/5 ROG/4 at least (I think) but they enjoyed the stealthy caster idea so much they're total character level is now SOR/5 ROG/4 Assassin/1 and might abandon the Arcane Trickster entirely.

And even more of these are quest initiating (Most Morality Challenges) which gives them character goal. Because as I said my players have no game immersion, so a character goal that isn't a game goal doesn't make sense to them. Like the player I mentioned above taking Ranger levels. He has never writen a diety on his character sheet in all our years playing together. Now he's in a religious conflict between Obad-Hai his first diety who expected him to uphold the virtures of nature, The Shadow who lured him away with promise to teach him Shadowdancer levels, and The Mockery who threatens followers of The Shadow. The only reason he became involved was because he tried to convert followers to Obad-Hai who rejected them seeing them as unfit for his service. He would have never done any of this had it not been for the "Missionary" and "Cult of Personality" challenges.

Also I hate Of Locksley because it was at first two ranged crits on one target, but then I have Momentum Shift which is the same thing but I liked the Robin Hood reference so I kept it and regret it....Kinda like "Toy" and "Brink" in Morality. Almost the same, only kept separate by the player intentions.

(Sorry for the text wall)