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Beyond Good and Evil (http://rpgaming.prophpbb.com/post32433.html#p32433)
London 1800s

Let's take a trip back to the days to the great Victorian Era of Great Britain within London, the foggy city. Where every man and possibly woman was trying to make a living and was within the industrial revolution. This London lies covered in fog, where the streets are filled with people, the cobble stones streets as carriages ride down. Where starry-eyed lovers do their dance, where thriving artists make their living. This place without a doubt is shrouded in darkness. Murmurs of monsters and murders swim around the tongues of the crowds. If only they knew the full extent of one's actions. If only they knew.

Beyond Good and Evil, also known as 'Between Good and Evil' as it's original incantation is an original campaign constructed by yours truly Helel/Nick/NoblemanNick. It is built around Mage: The Awakening, however with a few tweaking it can be applied to any types of nWoD. The time is psuedo London around 1889, during the middle of the Victorian Era, as well as the beginning of the stories of such tales of Jack the Ripper. The characters by your choosing somehow end up at the office of Benjamin Mott. An old and wizened detective whose been investigating the Jack the Ripper murders. By the tales of destiny your character will be thrown into a great mystery unlike ever told before. Extending past far more than human intelligence, to the myths of beasts and monsters. Your path may not always be the morally correct choice. You must go beyond good and evil to reach your goal.

Character Creation Rules

Keep with the era of which your playing in, this is an era of coal and steam, not electricity, while electricity is used slightly not in the way used now.
Clothing characters must also be with the era you play in.
Female characters remember the womens' suffrage movement is still going on now, female characters do not have the rights of today.
Computer and Hacking Skills are excluded from character creation because of the setting we are in. If your having trouble thinking if it would fit in with the setting please don't hesitate to ask me.


Please be courteous to posting order, don't post until your turn has arrived.
Dice rolling, I have come up with a way. http://invisiblecastle.com/campaign/view/14911/ Register at this site, the link I gave you was for our Campaign Dice Pool. Always state your character's name as well as the action their performing.
When rolling for an action, just type yourself attempting the action and trying to cast the magic. I as the GM well then depending on your roll tell you the result of your actions.
Please keep posts to a minimum of five sentences, as this is also RP-heavy meaning one-liners leave something missing.

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I would be intrested of joining. I hope this time the game wont die like the last...

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Yeah hit up that link, no one else posts i the old one anymore.