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07-26-2010, 05:14 PM
The human kingdom of Lezurion is on its last leg the goblin Hoard has one another battle slaughtering the last remnant of its army and now it seems the situation is even worse a gnoll empire has risen claiming the forest of Kreig as their own but their is hope a wizard has discovered that the gnolls have cast down the priests of Yeenoghu and are setting the foundations for a civilized country and that they might be open to an alliance, the king, lord Landon, has dismissed this notion as ridicules, but his son prince Jual beilieves that there may be a chance and so has sent out a call for aid he needs a group to serve as a diplomatic mission through the crystal desert to this new gnoll empire and beseech them for help.

Applicable characters:
pathfinder with an influx of 3.5 classes and races updated by me on request

level 7

Rolling system: 40 point buy using the pathfinder stat buy on page 16

race restriction: all the characters are from the kingdom of Lezurion so your race does need to be compatible with humans if u want to play a race from 3.5 that isn't in the PHP then just ask and we can probably work something out

class restriction: just about anything will work if your not sure just ask

alignment: if u wish to play evil or chaotic characters talk to me first if the character wouldn't answer a call to arms from the royal family then they don't belong in this game

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