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I came up with these rules due to a request on the black industries forum several years ago. While they may seem odd, I see no reason that a mature group cannot cope with them.

For these rules to apply, the character in question must be a post-pubescent, pre-menopausal female. While there have been recorded cases of women becoming pregnant before and after the age of fertility, it is of a rarity beyond the purview of these rules. These rules are also based around human norms and some modification to the rules may be necessary to best reflect the unique reproductive qualities of nonhuman races.

Getting Pregnant

This rule assumes that a character maintains a general level of sexually activity throughout the duration of the month. It is to be rolled in secret by the GM monthly. Just consider it housekeeping. It is recommend that the GM use fortune points to best reflect the wishes of the player, but that is entirely optional.

The base chance of getting pregnant is a difficult (-10) toughness check. The modifiers are as follows.

Young Adult: +10% *
Middle Aged: -10% **
Nursing Mother: -20%
Sexual Activity Limited to a Single week: - 20% ***
Sexual Activity Limited to Two weeks: -10% ***
Continuous Sexual Activity: +10% ****
Elf: -10%
Dwarf: -10%
Halfling: +10%
Ogre: -15%
Contraceptive Rhythm: -30% #
Barrier: -50%
Herbal Remedy: +0% to -30%##
Abstinence: -100% ###
Conceptive Rhythm: +10% ####
* Age 16 to 25 in humans
** Age 35 and above in humans.
*** this assumes random week of the month, if the character knows her ovulation schedule and knowingly chooses to have sex while she's fertile, its +0%
**** this represents a level of sexual activity that goes far beyond the norm, such as the practices of sex addicts and prostitutes with a strong work ethic.
# This method requires that a woman knows her ovulation schedule and maintains complete abstinence a during single week of the month.
## This is dependent on the type and potency of herbs used. Some are simple placebos, others actually work.
### This is barring the activities of a deity with deviant sexual practices.
#### This method requires that a woman know her ovulation schedule and maintain a state of near Continuous Sexual Activity during that week.

Being Pregnant:

Pregnancy effects are broken down by trimester

First Trimester: The actual statistical effects of the pregnancy are negligible, though you may wish to torment the player with the stereotypical early-pregnancy symptoms. For example, if you wish, you may have the player roll an easy Toughness check every morning to test for morning sickness.

Second Trimester: At this stage, the pregnancy is beginning to affect the characters physical state. Her encumbrance limit is reduced by half and she takes -10% to all tests that require strenuous physical activity*. Miscarriage (see below) also becomes a concern.

Third Trimester: By this point the character's physical capabilities have been drastically altered by her condition. In addition to the physical penalties imposed by the second trimester, the characters move is reduced by 1 and the an additional -10% is applied to all tests that require strenuous physical activity*. In addition, most body armor will no longer fit the character comfortably. By this point any active character should be taking it easy.

* These penalties do not apply during childbirth.

Miscarriage: Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to hits to the body. Any hit to the body that cause final damage above the characters toughness bonus causes a chance of a miscarriage. First roll a 10. On a 6 or above the blow hit the character chest and not her lower torso. If it is 5 or below it hit the character in the gut and the character must take a Toughness check or loose the baby. There are penalties for how advanced the pregnancy is: -20% for the second trimester, -30% for the second. Immediate medical attention gives a potential bonus to the hit roll. The Heal skill gives 10% plus an additional +10% for ever degree of success. Magical healing gives a bonus of 10% plus the casters Mag times 10.

A failure indicates a miscarriage. Should the mother fail her toughness check by more than 5 degrees, begins to bleed and suffers -10% to Toughness for the next d10 days. A miscarriage in the third trimester could still potentially be a successful birth. The character automatically enters childbirth taking an -10% to her toughness for every month the child is premature. In addition, she must take a second Toughness Check. Should she fail, the unborn child takes damage equal to the the final wound damage taken by the mother that caused the premature birth. Should this be enough to bring it to 0 wounds, roll on hit location and the critical injury chart as needed.

Mutation: One of the greatest fears of any expecting mother in the Warhammer world is that their child may be born with a mutation. If the mother is exposed to any situation where she is threatened by mutation, make a second toughness check in secret to see if the child has been mutated. The GM may spend a fortune point on the player's behalf to re-roll the test. If the character is in the first trimester, her has a 95% chance of automatically aborting the damaged fetus as per the miscarriage rules given above. IF she is in her second trimester, the chances of her body rejecting the fetus is 50%. If the character is in the third trimester, roll on the mutation table and apply the result.

Due Date:
When a woman enters the last month of pregnancy, secretly roll a d% and consult Chart 1 and apply the result to the last day of the final month of pregnancy. Then roll on Chart 2 to determine the time of day. On the date and general time of day indicated, the character enters Labor. Finally, roll on Chart 3 to determine the child's gender and the chances of a multiple birth Dwarves add 30% to all rolls on Chart 3.

Chart 1
Due Date:
1-3: -16
4-6: -15
7-9: -14
10-12: -13
13-15: -12
16-18: -11
19-21: -10
22-24: -9
25-27: -8
28-30: -7
31-33: -6
34-36: -5
37-39: -4
40-42: -3
43-45: -2
46-48: -1
49-51: 0
52-54: +1
55-57: +2
58-60: +3
61-63: +4
64-66: +5
67-69: +6
70-72: +7
73-75: +8
76-78: +9
79-81: +10
82-84: +11
85-87: +12
88-90: +13
91-93: +14
94-96: +15
97-99: +16
00: Roll again and add (or subtract) d10 to the result.
Chart 2
Time of Day

1-25: Morning
26-50: After-noon
51-75: Evening
75-00: Night Chart 3

01: Multiple Birth*
02-51: Female
52-00: Male
*If Multiple Birth is rolled, roll again twice to determine the gender of each child. If it is rolled again time, repeat the process.

Labor and Childbirth:
When a character enters labor, the GM rolls 3+d10 hours to determine the duration of the labor. If the character is giving birth for the first time, she rolls 6+d10 hours.

Every hour, the character rolls a Very Easy Toughness Test. A character may be assisted by someone with the Profession (Midwife) skill and may add the midwife's degrees of success to her roll. If she fails the test, the character takes damage ignoring armor and toughness equal to the degrees of failure. A heal test or spell may be used to heal wounds caused by childbirth. If the woman reaches 0 hit points she must roll on the Childbirth Complications Critical Chart. Childbirth counts as surgery for the sake of the infection rules.

Childbirth Complications Critical Chart

1. The mother experiences a bout of especially intense birthing pain. The person delivering the
baby must make a Profession (Midwife) or Difficult (-10) Heal test or the mother suffers -10%
to her next Toughness check.
2. The mother faints due to the pain. She is stunned for d10 minutes and takes a -10% to her next
Toughness check.
3. The mother is beginning to become Fatigued by her ordeal. She takes -10% to all Toughness
checks until the child is born.
4. The mother begins to bleed. She suffers -10% to Toughness for the next d10 days.
5. Breech Birth. The baby is being born buttocks first as opposed to the normal head first position.
The midwife must make an Routine (+10) Profession (Midwife) or Heal test every hour. If the
test is failed, the mother a penalty of 10 x the degrees of failure. Should the Midwife fail by
more than five digress and the baby's head becomes stuck: the child is lost and must be killed
so that the mother can survive.
6. The mother begins to bleed seriously. Blood loss is such that she has a 20% chance of dieing
every hour for d5 hours unless she receives medical attention. Should she survive, she is bed
ridden for d10 days.
7. There is a serious complication in the birth. The midwife must take Difficult (-10) Profession
(Midwife) or Hard (-20) Heal test or the child dies.
8. The baby is born dead. The mother must take a Hard (-20) Willpower check or gain an Insanity
9. There is very serious complication in the birth. Apply both critical 6 and 7. If the mother dies,
the child must be surgically removed from the mother surgically or it too will die.
10. The birth is a dramatic failure. Roll a d10. On a roll of 1-3, the mother dies. On a roll of 4-6,
the baby dies. On a roll of 7-10, they both die.

Once the child is born, the trouble has only started. The character is now a mother with all the responsibilities there of and now has to ensure that her child is properly raised and taken care of. While they are too small to act as independent characters to any great degree, infant children count as items of encumbrance who use a generalized stat line as they are unable to roll for skills. Every hour, the GM should roll on the Happy Baby chart to figure out what the little tyke is up to. It should also be remembered that crawling and walking babies can find their way into all kinds of mischief and that infants in general are selfish little creatures with no understanding of social etiquette.

S T M W Enc
10 10 - 5 60

S T M W Enc
10 10 1 5 120

S T M W Enc
15 15 2 5 180
Happy Baby Chart

10-20: The baby passes out for d10 hours, but when it wakes up add 10 times the number of hours slept from the next Happy Baby test as infants tend want something when they wake up.
21-40: The baby is content for the moment, but will add -10 to the next Happy Baby roll as young
children are rarely content for long.
41-55: The Child feels lonely and will cry until its mother, father, or another trusted adult picks it up and comforts it.
55-70 The baby starts crying and needs to be be burped. Roll a d10. On the roll of a 1, the baby also vomits, covering whomever is holding it (or is just in the way) in thick white puke that reeks of sour milk.
71-85: The Child is hungry. It will cry until fed. This can be problematic if the infant is nursing, the mother is wearing heavy armor and there is no nursemaid on hand.
85-00: The child soils himself, and begins to cry. It will continue to do so until its dipper is changed.

When a child reaches an age where they are capable of independent action, usually around 4-6 years old, they are generated as characters but do not roll for career. Apply the following modifiers to their stat line. They do not receive their free advance nor their starting career skills. Instead, their future career is dictated by their parents who will either teach their child the skills of a trade or enter them into proper schooling or an apprenticeship. Children automatically gain 100-150 experience points per-year which is to be used to pay for their professional skills. When they reach age 16 the GM must provide them with EXP to finish acquiring their skills, should they be short, as well as giving them their free advance.

Small Child.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
-20 -20 -15 -15 +15 -10 -20 +20
-- -5 -- -- -1 -- -- --

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
-15 -15 -10 -10 +10 -10 -15 +15
-- -4 -- -- -1 -- -- --

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
-10 -10 -5 -5 +5 -5 -10 +10
-- -2 -- -- -- -- -- --

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
-5 -5 -- -- -- -- -5 +5
-- -1 -- -- -- -- -- --
Lesser Magic

Lie Fallow
Casting Number: 6
Casting Time: 1 minute
Ingredient: A piece of dried fruit. (+1)
Description: This is possibly the most widely known spell in the Old World. It has long been used to prevent conception by those who wish to partake in the pleasures of the flesh without having to deal with the consequences. This has lead for it to be frowned upon by most Cults as a decadence, but it has in no way lowered it popularity. When successfully cast on a woman, it lowers her chance to conceive by (Mag x 10%) + 10% for that month. It must be recast every month.

Plowing the Field
Casting Number: 8
Casting Time: 3 minutes
Ingredient: An egg. (+1)
Description: This spell is most commonly known to priestess of Rhya, members of the Jade College of Magic, and ironically, Kislevite Hag Witches. It is most commonly a blessing on new brides after their wedding to ensure a fruitful union and women who are desperate for children. The spell may also be used to cause great mayhem, leading to embarrassing situations such as bastards and cuckold pregnancies. When successfully cast on at woman, it increases her chance of becoming pregnant by Mag of Caster x 10% for the month.

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Always nice to meet another WFRP fan, Psychosama. Thanks for the information. It can be usable.

I'm a huge 1E & 2E fan.


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