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07-21-2010, 06:25 AM
If you are interested in post apocalyptic/ survival/ horror you might wish to check out this campaign on Saturday, July 24th at 9:00 PM EST on the virtual table top (screen monkey). Everyone must make a character or choose a premade template to play. The campaign is from the first module released by Arcanum Syndicate called “Pray for Dawn”. The adventurers have to survive one night filled with horrifying nightmares, mystery, and a great psychological thrill ride of terror. The game system is Chaos 6010 A.D. There are 20 alien races to choose from and 20 different character classes.
If you are interested at all we will be playing a text based virtual tabletop, so all the players will be communicating in the chat room. Dice and miniatures to choose are available to players as well. There is no cost at all to play, and we will be having an RPG competition as well. The player to gain the most cool points (experience points) throughout the campaign, will win a free Chaos 6010 A.D. Rulebook.
Check out the site for more information, and check out the area listed as Downloads for character creation. www.chaos6010.com (http://www.chaos6010.com/)
Thanks all
Arcanum Syndicate

07-24-2010, 08:45 PM
For those interested in playing you can jump in now we are in the game lobby and about to begin training. Just take this link, type in a name for your character the password is darkness. If you do not have a character ready we will show you where you need to go to download a premade character template. See you in there. Game starts at 10 PM EST tonight. http://www.rpglife.com/screenmonkey/announce
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