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07-20-2010, 08:57 AM
Fantasy Chapters is a fantasy themed website in which members develop stories with other members based on characters they create. If you enjoy fantasy, writing, roleplaying, developing, and challenging your mind in creativity and imagination than this site is for you.

This website is designed to help you write, develop, and create new roleplaying manuals, online games, novels, short stories. It is also meant to find likeminded people who enjoy fantasy. The more time you invest into this site the more you will establish in your projects or learn about fantasy. This site offers private and group chat rooms, die roller, information on movies, games, novels, forums and blog entries, membership files, and much more.

Our game worlds offer a variety of custom features, giving the opportunity to immerse themselves in an ever growing and evolving gaming team environment. We seek mature writers that are creative, imaginative, interested, and firmly believe in posts with substance and depth. Our worlds can suit an array of writing tastes, such as drama, horror, adventure, humor, romance and more.

Who can join?

- Game Developers
Are you creating a fantasy themed game? If so let us put up a development page and add your ideas as of products for everyone to see.

- Authors
Are you a author or a aspiring writer and would like to keep a journal or have feedback on your work than this site can help you.

- Fantasy Enthusiasts
Are you a big fantasy buff and would like to provide your input into it. Perhaps give advice or knowledge when it comes to fantasy.

- Game Testers
Do you like to test upcoming games from aspiring game developers? If so than this site invites you to join.

- Roleplayers
Are you into roleplaying tabletop style games and are looking for dungeonmasters to host you than join this site.

We could use you to host new games and if you need any rpg manual....and I say practically any...for we have about 1000 rpg manuals to help get your campaign started than we can send it to you on pdf format.

My name is John and I am looking forward to your membership at the site. The game of Avolon is hosted by Joshua Mills and is actively looking for players.

Calania rpg campaign is in process to be available.

Green Dragon Project is also looking for storytellers and game designers to complete its campaign availability.

Maybe you have a game! If so join and make it happen!

www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com)