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07-18-2010, 11:39 AM
The world is at an uneasy peace. 150 years prior a massive war wrecked havoc on the land and produced many gods but only now has the chaos been tamed and order beginning to reform.

But chaos is threatening once more. They mighty empire of Rhygoth, oldest and most powerful of the human lands, has recovered far faster than it's rivals and threatens to conquer the north. Mistelin, land of magic, is wracked by a civil war. And worse still the dreaded shadar and their demi-god ruler have again began to move in their lands, whispering of an old power they have found that could completely swing the balance of power in their favor.

Can anyone revive the hope of man? What is behind these risings? Should they even be stopped?

Only time can answer these questions.


This is a campaign set in a homebrew world called Rasht. I can provide maps and fairly detailed write ups for it.

We will likely be using a chat service such as the one on here and the preferred time is sunday around 1pm est or 10pm est (either) however this can be negotiated particularly if I get enough players for two campaigns that can run different storylines. Setting information will need to be sent before you do too much on a character.

Level: 7
Races: Core though half-orcs will need a good reason in this setting (no orcs/goblinoids in setting but if you really want one I will work with a good background to bring one in) as well as the races listed in the races file. I will consider others but ask first, race by race basis and some may have to be modified

Attributes: Characte4d6 drop the lowest (I must witness if rolling stats) or 25 point buy (high fantasy out of core book)

Hp: Max at first level, average or rolled for others (if rolled I need to witness.)

Classes: Core, advanced book classes, I will consider others from 3.5 or non paizo pf books but it's a class by class basis and some might need to be modified.

Gold: Standard gold for 7th level.

Traits: None automatic, if you wish to spend a first level feat to select two that is acceptable.

Backgrounds are required and preferred before stats.

Pm me or leave a reply here if interested.

07-18-2010, 09:08 PM
sounds fun
whats your dm style and what kind of character does the party need??