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07-18-2010, 12:41 AM
Greetings All,

My name is Regina Ratliff and I have been doing character portraits for D&D players for many years as well as online character portraits for MMORPGs. I'd like to extend my talents to my fellow P&P members here.
All commissions are private and payment is done through Paypal. Costs of a commission is determined by the amount of detail, color, medium used and by hard copy or virtual copy of finished work.

I do artwork in:
Colored Pencil
Computer color
Mixed Media (Ink and paint or ink and colored pencil)
Water Color
Acrylic Paint
Oil Paint

You can visit my website at www.reginaratliff.com (http://www.reginaratliff.com) to view my gallery (please excuse the mess, the website is unfinished) my profile here, and I have posted some below.

( These examples are of my own characters. All commissions are private unless given permission)

Feel free to post replies here with questions, or send me a PM. To order a commission, send me a PM and we'll get started as soon as possible!

Thank you! And I hope to help some of you bring your characters to life soon!

EXAMPLE 1 "Scout - Computer Color"

EXAMPLE 2 "Sephina - Pencil"


EXAMPLE 3 "Kina Ironbrew - Computer Color"


EAMPLE 4 "Lin and Spirit - Pencil"