View Full Version : Omen's & Memories

07-16-2010, 04:22 PM
You Awake on what appears to be a wreck of a ship with no memory on how you got here or why. Everything seems foreign even the languages. There are sparks from shorts in the electrical system apparent its going to be hard enough to exit here without electrocuting your self. Why Can't you remember anything? there are several other Coffin like structures around you an Auto-doc maybe low berths? maybe thats it you must have been flying low berth.

The dust on the walls is thick, they say 90% of all dust on ships is just skin what an odd thing to remember. Banging on your own Coffin seems to release the lid some, why aren't anyone here to let you out? Is the Crew dead? I feel gravity have we landed?The Gravity feels off though the floors do not feel quite flat.

the lid cracks some more....
ugh the air is stale... really stale its not moving either no recycling

heres my priority's
1) Escape
2) find out why I am here and how I got here
3) why can't I remember anything?

my memories feel important my mission feels dire I need to figure this out almost a compulsion.