View Full Version : (Short Story) From Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation Introduction

Richard Littles
07-15-2010, 09:52 PM
Stepping out of the time stream with his G-10 Gauss Assault Rifle at the ready, Slipstream appeared behind the corporate traitor and put two rounds into his head. The traitor’s body collapsed into a heap on the ground. Slipstream could hear movement coming from behind him and felt his body tense up as he stepped back into the time stream. All around him, he could feel the confused Underworld goons trying to get the drop on him. They could have if he didn’t use his gifted abilities of being able to move forward into the time stream two to six seconds at a time.

He maneuvered behind an Underworld goon with his rifle at the ready and stepped out of the time stream once again. He squeezed the trigger and felt the slugs recoil against his shoulder then rip into the body of the goon ahead. “Two down and seven more to go,” he thought. Before he could react, a loud boom echoed from his left two meters away as a proximity mine went off. The resulting blast shredded his armored clothing and left gaping holes. Whatever protection he had going into this firefight was now gone.

Laser bolts and gauss slugs ripped into the large metal dumpsters surrounding his last target and the volume of fire built up. Quickly, Slipstream stepped back into the time stream’s protection and sought out his next target. Five meters away to the northeast was another goon hiding behind some barrels, so he quickly walked behind his next target. As he prepared to step out of the time stream he felt his power nullifier turn itself on and he was dumped into real time. “What the hell?” Slipstream thought as two bolts bypassed his armor and he felt the searing hot pain of the wounds in his chest…

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