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07-15-2010, 06:17 PM
Hello there!

Below is the setting information and an example of the notes from one of our gaming sessions, if this seems interesting let me know :cool: I feel that the game would run a lot more smoothly if I could find one additional player to fit well with the rest of the group.

Moses Lake Setting Notes hand out


Moses Lake is a medium sized town in South East Oregon surrounding a large mountainous lake. Further North and upstream of Moses Lake is another lake called Makatiel Lake. It is surrounded by a wild life preserve / Indian reservation.

-There are several hot springs in the area.
-The area around the city is heavily forested.

Moses Lake

Moses Lake is surprisingly deep with a lush fish population. Strangely commercial fishing hasn’t been very successful.

The City

The main industry of Moses lake is tourism followed by mining. It has two movie theaters, an air port, a community college. The West side of the river is mostly expensive housing while the east side is mostly dock properties. The “down town” area is east of the dock properties.

The area mine workers generally work 4 months on and 4 months off and most of them don’t live full time in Moses Lake. Their high pay, temporary living situation, and lack of entertainment leads to a heavy black market influence in the area.

Companies / Locations / Organizations of Interest

Axiom Pharmaceuticals: A company producing many experimental drugs across the nation. They have a district office in Moses Lake.

Babel Tower: a 30 story office building that serves as a business hub in the down town area. It has a memorial fountain out front to a renowned local artist that died in 1980 named Nicoli Durance.

Black Rock Mining Co.: They operate the various mines in the area. They are the financial backbone of the town.

Moses Lake Technical Collage: A typical community college that also offers a distance learning program for higher degrees in Engineering and Physics.

The Moses Lake Players Association: An acting company that operates out of The Imperial, an ancient play house in desperate need of repairs.

Smith and Son’s Lumber Company: A local company that fights constantly with the City Counsel over environmental issues.

Nimoy park: A park with a 13 meter tall black stone obelisk in it’s heart.

-Mayor Sweeney was elected on a platform of removing the crime and drug problem from the area, and many doubt that he will be re-elected.

-The City counsel is trying to build a dam up on Makatiel Lake to use it as a reservoir and as flooding protection but the Native Americans are doing everything they can to kill the project.

-Old King Mog is a giant fish that eludes the local fishermen and sometimes the bodies of strange fish wash up on the beach.

-Ghosts have been seen at the old abandoned military compound east of town.

-The mines have almost gone dry

-On foggy mornings strange hazy shapes are often seen in the fog

Game Notes 6-12-2010

Judy & Alex open the door to Judy’s apartment. Judy’s roommate (Cass or Cassandra) was unconscious on the floor with blood drooling down her nose. Several of Judy’s unused pill bottles lay on the ground. On the coffee table is a punch bowl filled with a colorful mixture of prescription medications. Remnants of a party that cleared out quickly abound, a keg in the bathtub, pizza boxes, spilled Styrofoam cups and the smell of cheap beer. Alex runs to Cass’ side to check to see if she is alive. Judy is shocked as she realizes that her choice to stop taking her medicine in some way contributed to Cass’ condition, too shocked to realize how much trouble she will be in if the police report that she hasn’t been taking her meds to the college (it is a requirement of one of her major scholarships.) The both proceed to call 911. They get static and a creepy voice saying “they’re coming!”

They investigate the house finding more signs of a party. In Cass’ room they find death metal posters and some crazy bondage gear / club cloths in her closet. They also find an 8 inch razor sharp sacrificial blade on her dresser.

Cass goes into a seizure, spurting blood out of her nose in a torrent, soaking Alex’s blouse. Along with her seizure the lights flicker and blow out and a telekinetic wave spider webs the windows and throws Alex across the room into a table (1 point bashing damage.) They call 911 again and get through. An ambulance gets through shortly thereafter and picks up Cass. Police are not with them, even though the sounds of sirens can be heard nearby.

They both leave the building to figure out where the cops are. There is police tap all around a crime scene with several police on scene. There were scorch marks on the ground and a chalk outline of a single human body. Near by window glass (of a local store) had a hole melted through it.

Alex gets a call from Kevin, her assistant, who told her that the cops are really busy tonight and that she needs to respond to the call to Judy’s place. They have a race back and they end up getting into an argument about leaving the crime scene untouched. Alex draws a gun. Judy surrenders but takes one of the pills on the ground and eats it. Alex gives Judy the choice of staying at her place or a hotel. Judy doesn’t want to stay at a hotel. They head to the car and then remember Cass’ cat and go back and get the very ornery cat.

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Sounds fantastic but my plate is currently full. Just wanted to chime in to say that it sounds like a lot of fun.