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07-14-2010, 08:24 PM
I'm looking for some advice for a d20 campaign my group of amateur wana be gamers is starting.

The setting is a post apocalyptic world similar to the community we all live in now. including the local stores and what not. The world itself, while not devoid of technology doesn't have much to scavenge. Bullets are rare and guns that work are even more scarce. There is little in the way of the "fantasy" usual's, no monsters no magic. The closest thing we will have is a few mutants.

We have decided to adopt the d20 modern rule set since we are all so familiar with dnd 3.5. Were hoping it will cover everything we havn't thought of in the way of modern rules.

I have decided i need to put a ton of thought into this toon instead of doing what i normally do, which is just finding a mini that looks cool and building around that.

My initial thought was to make a bomb expert. However, after reading a little about the way d20 is structured it doesn't sound like the smart character is the "mage" like toon I thought it was. (Assumptions make me an a$$)

So I'm open to idea's of what i could look in to. I know I want to do TON's of damage even if it means sacrificing of my own health and survivability. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a mage like toon. We use a sliding 12's for stats. I'm open to all idea's and looking for a direction to head in.

To give you and idea we all live in south Houston TX so our world will have lots of refinery's and industrial area's but most of the world will be destroyed. and desert like. Think "Fallout" or "The Book of Eli"

08-12-2010, 02:04 PM
I'd be happy to help you, but wouldn't it be more productive to speak to your GM to know what is and isn't off-limits?