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07-14-2010, 12:11 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm starting a new campaign in the Boston area and I'm looking for players. The campaign is based in a home-brew world I call "The Lost Continent". I've set up a wiki (http://thelostcontinent.pbworks.com/) with some world history, maps, and such.

We will likely play on Saturday afternoons from 12:30 to whenever at Pandemonium Books and Games at 4 Pleasant St in Central Square.

We need 2 or three more players. A little more about the flavor of the game:
Level of Roleplaying (1 to 10 where 1="Everyone is themselves" and 10="All live-action roleplaying"): 5
Frequency of Action (1 to 10 where 1="We fight once or twice between levels" and 10="Each session is all combat"): 6.5
Depth of Story (1 to 10 where 1="We go on adventures from the tavern bulletin board" and 10="We're in a web of intrigue where fabric of existence depends on us!"): 8

Interested players should contact me at rgd117 [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to ask questions on this thread too!

Thanks very much!