View Full Version : the cold nights of saint Petersburg

07-13-2010, 06:51 PM
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this campaign will be in saint Petersburg wear a conflict is going on between the camarilla and the sabout wear the large amount of racism has maid it essay to bring in new recruits and a group run by the sabout called Belaya Energia or White Energy in English ha begun a race war between them and the Arabic immigrants and there community Leder Aza Amara an Asamite who is of the Ashirra (basally a puppet grope of the camrila) little do the humans and ghouls of these two organization know that to there leaders rase means nothing and using racism is just a way of getting there hands on the tremendous amount of money that is to be hade in the back alleys of saint Petersburg wear extrusion bootlegging and human trafficking are common place and the nights are always cold