View Full Version : Big Iron Vault's Old School D&D Campaign

07-12-2010, 04:40 PM
Hi all!

We're starting up a campaign based on Frank Menzter's D&D rules. A simple, fun, light hearted and full of adventure. Looking for players that can handle a free-flowing rules-light DM (me!). The campaign will be based on Big Iron Vault's World of Lykarnia setting but using D&D rules.

Players may even end up being our in-house playtesters and have a lot of opportunity to not only play but contribute to our magazine.

We play mainly on Saturdays from 11am onwards. NO EXPERIENCE needed!

Game sessions will run mainly bi-weekly or tri-weekly and the average age of our players is 28 yrs old.

The first game is July 17th and will be hosted at the Hobby Kingdom, Burlington, Ontario.

If you're interested please PM me!