View Full Version : Seeking an experienced female RPG player for a free PBEM role/wargame.

07-11-2010, 02:09 PM
Looking for an experienced female RPG player who would like to audition for a role as a dominion leader in a free PBEM role/wargame based on D&D. Not a play by post game, rather detailed turn based game. A very important dominion (formally NPC) ruled by a High Elf Queen needs a player who can bring some eloquence to the campaign. For you guys, there maybe a few positions open as well. Game features: detailed OD&D style map, 1000+ monster/character cards, tons of visual aids, dominion economics on Excel spreadsheets, armies, fleets, etc. Shaping up to be an extremely difficult campaign, the GM is going to push the players to the limit. Game starts the beginning of August, and will be a long runner (year plus), but not extremely time consuming (By-weekly turns). If interested contact the GM with a PM or at Dyane_Byers@yahoo.com (Dyane_Byers@yahoo.com):cool: