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I recently got a request from a player from my old gaming group to convert an adventure I wrote that they absolutely loved from 3.x to 4E. I really have no problem doing, considering my knowledge (or lack thereof) of 4E (I've only played through Keep on the Shadowfell plus a little of Thunderspire Labyrinth).

I really have no problems converting the traps and monsters (some were unique creations), but the problem I am having is with the main "villain", Kahzaak Doom, an 8th-level Half Stone Giant/Half-Fiend Barbarian.

I was thinking I would start with Goliath (MM 2) with the Barbarian template, but I don't know if there is a template that would give me the Half-Fiend feeling I'm looking for.

Also to give you the feel of Kahzaak Doom:

Kahzaak Doom was born to a lonely stone giant woman nearly 4,000 years ago who was seduced by an unknown devil from the outer planes. The father remained a mystery until the day of the child’s birth, when the father, revealed to be a pit fiend, returned to claim his child, a son. The mother and stone giant clan rebelled against the pit fiend, but could not stop the constant onslaught of devils upon their homeland. Kahzaak’s mother reluctantly agreed to give him up if the pit fiend promised never to harm the giant enclave again. Upon receiving his son, the pit fiend unleashed hell itself upon the giants, slaughtering all who lived.
Kahzaak grew up under the tutelage of his father, and through his influence, Kahzaak grew to be just as evil as his father. Soon, Kahzaak was leading his father’s armies against his enemies, crushing all who stood in his way.

But Kahzaak wanted more, much more. Soon, he was making excursions to the prime material plane, wreaking his own brand of hellish torture upon all he and his armies encountered. But more and more time spent on the prime material left little time for his father’s enemies. His father, wanting his son to return to his side, ordered him to return, but Kahzaak refused, for he was building his own empire on the prime material.

His father, leading a band of devils to the prime material, confronted Kahzaak. Kahzaak and his armies battled his father’s legion continuously for years, neither able to gain the upper hand.

Kahzaak knew that his father was too powerful to eliminate alone, so he enlisted the aid of a sworn enemy, the general of the armies he fought for his father, Orcus. With their combined might, Kahzaak’s father could not withstand their onslaught, and was killed by Kahzaak himself.

With his father out of the way, Kahzaak took control of his father’s remaining devils and began to expand his empire on the prime material. He went unchallenged for nearly 100 years, nearly enslaving an entire continent.

A band of heroes, led by the Aasimaar paladin Zelaran, were able to lead the combined armies of the humans, dwarves, and elves to a decisive victory over Kahzaak, slaying the half-fiend and dispersing his armies back to hell.

But all was not for the better, for Kahzaak’s spirit was able to slip into the astral plane just as the last blow landed upon his mortal body. Zelaran discovered this and constructed an elaborate tomb full of magical and mechanical wonders to keep the spirit of Kahzaak Doom from re-entering his mortal body, as well as keeping his followers from helping him live once more.

The tomb was constructed on the very site his mortal body fell all those years ago. The years have not been kind to the tomb, for just over 1,800 years ago, the sea reclaimed the surrounding lands, causing the once land-locked tomb to now inhabit a small island nearly a day’s travel from the mainland. Ships will avoid even going within site of the island, in fear of what evil may befall them.

One of Zelaran’s disciples, a human priest named Brogen, has discovered that the magicks keeping Kahzaak Doom’s followers from freeing their leader have waned. The incantations to renew the protective magicks have been lost with the death of Zelaran, and no one has had any success in recreating them. Only one recourse remains: a band of heroes must enter the tomb of Kahzaak Doom, traverse the many traps and horrors that surely await them, revive Kahzaak Doom and then destroy him, once and for all.Any help would be appreciated.

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big question you have to ask, what level in 4e do you want him.

But here are some ideas:

Look at creatures who have barbarian, berserker, or something similar in their name and mix and match powers.

Also powers that knock prone are always good.

WOTC updated their monster creation numbers, so that will help in terms of hp, to hit, and dam.

As a barbarian - definitely a brute role.

and templates/themes that work:
chaos warrior, hellbound soldier, and legion of avernus.

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also, stuff in tieflings or cambions are good for the fiendish end of things