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Hello everyone, I'm newish to this forum, but as far as 4e vs 3.5 go I have to agree that they are completely different monsters. Its like Demons vs Devils. I love 3.5 to DEATH.... my favorite gaming system ever played. But 4e is better for Starcraft in my opinion. MUCH better in fact. It has that arcade gaming feel to it which everyone complains about sure, but thats what Starcraft is. The real decision turner is the speed. 4e is like a Ferrari compared to the Volkswagen Bug that is 3.5e. You can setup a character and start a campaign in an hour or two instead of a session or two, and you can level in 15 minutes or less instead of 2 hours.

Some things need to be tweaked, I'm as miffed as anyone else about certain characteristics like the death of prestige classes and critical nerfing. To that end though, I'm already 150 pages deep into making my own Starcraft d20 based on the 4e system. However, that base is hugely elastic, I've already tweaked and added and changed features from 4e that weren't good. I figured out how to reintroduce prestige classes, and am debating about certain other points for change besides some basic tweaks like certain races are restricted to certain classes. Its still very much in production and change mode though.

If anyone is interested in helping out a little, I can use as much as I can get. I'd like suggestions from players of both 3.5 and 4e. Suggestions or even stats and abilities for creatures are the biggest thing, I haven't really done any work on that at all, though i suspect I'll be porting over (with modifications) some 4e creatures. Basic Zerg need to be done (though PC style Zerg are already being worked on), but I'm also interested in any ideas about Psionic creatures, campaign settings, and other storyline stuff along those routes. I have the Protoss class setup, but only have first level powers done for them, whereas the Terrans are nearly completely setup. I'll post more basics on what I have setup.

I have a ton of stuff for the Terrans and Protoss done already, including basic stats and names and some stats on equipment, and rules for space etc. Zerg are outlined in form and are gonna be playable as a player class, but level differently etc. Its a long way from done, I've been working on it for a year or so solo, and it will take probably another if I still do it solo. But if your interested in some of my ideas and source material I'll hopefully be posting more for critique.

Again... I love 3.5 dearly (and much more than 4e honestly) and it would've been Soooooo much easier to base Starcraft mod in it because player classes are so much easier to design, but I really do think form fits function is important. If anyone has any suggestions about 4e tweaks they would love to see let me know, especially any ideas for pulling back some 3.5 features we all loved.

((And sshhhhh, I know some of this is a repost but I gave in to the dark side and decided to make my own thread.... sorry.))

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Classes and Class Bonuses

Protoss Classes:
Zealot: Weapon Proficiency Warp Blade, +2 Strength +2 Con
Hp 12+Con, 6/lvl, 6+con surges
Dark Templar: Proficiency, +2 Str, +2 Wis
Hp 11+Con, 4/lvl, 7+con surges;
Templar: Psionic Attack Proficiency, +2 Int, +2 Cha
Hp 8+Con, 4/lvl, 5+con surges
Warper: Plasma Cutter Proficiency, +2 Dex, +2 Int
Hp 9+Con, 3/lvl, 6+con surges

Terran Classes:
Marine: Weapon Proficiency: Military, +1 Dex +1 Con +2 Str
Hp 16+Con, 7/lvl, 9+con surges
Ghost: Weapon Proficiency Canister and Sniper rifle, +2 Dex, +1 int +1 wis
Hp 12+Con, 5/lvl, 6+con surges
Medic: Proficiency Medical Implements, +1 Con, +2 Wis, +1 Cha
Hp 14+Con, 6/lvl, 10+con surges
Technician: Vehicle Proficiency Scv, +1 Dex +2 Int +1 Wis
Hp 11+Con, 4/lvl, 7+con surges

Zerg Classes
Scourer: Feat (Burrow), +1 Con +2 Wis, -2 dex, -2 str, +1 char, +1 int
Hp 10+Con, 5/lvl, 6+con surges
Hunter Killer: Weapon Specialization Natural Weapons, +3 Dex, +1 Str +2 Con, -2 Cha, -2 Int
Hp 18+con, 8/lvl, 10+con surges
Devouring One: Adrenaline Glands(+1 speed, extra melee attack), +2 dex +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
Hp 12+con, 6/lvl, 7+con surges
Strainer: Skill Focus Knowledge Genetics, -2 str, -2 con, +2 int, +2 wis, +2 cha
Hp 9+con, 4/lvl, 6+con surges

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New Tier Names

Adept Elite Specialization Legendary Destiny
(Heroic) (Paragon Path) (Epic Destiny)

Elite Specialization Branches

Titanium Avenger - Comfortable with war machines
Guardian - Front line tank that protects allies
Blade Master - Focused on increasing the speed of their attacks
Psi-Blade - Focuses mind powers into refining psi blades for more damage

Dark Templar:
Shadow Master - Infiltration specialists that ply shadowy powers
Void Touched - Devoted to the powers of the mind
Lost One - use of Sundrop or exposure to too much darkness; disturbing and wierd powers
Storm Reaver - Double ended weapon specialist

High Templar - Psionic master
Executor - Battle hardened troop commander
Adjudicator - Judge and jury, righteous battle psion
Khala Mystic - Weaker in battle, but has powerful class features for Meditations

Phase Manipulator - Excels at warping in supplies, buildings, troops, etc
Warp Corroder - Uses principles of warp to send matter elsewhere, inflicting damage
Ascendant Ace - Specialized in using Protoss Aircraft
Advanced Researcher - Studies advanced Xel'nagan and protoss technologies

Firebat - Dual flamethrower wielder
Reaper - Dual Heavy machine pistol jet pack trooper
Commando - Frontline Gauss toting soldier
Overdriver - Proficient with the use of stim packs

Night Stalker - Cloaking specialist who uses abilties to service targets unseen
Mind Delver - Uses mental powers to influence minds and alter perceptions
Longshot - Canister rifle focused
Silent Spectre - powerful psion who attacks from the shadows

Great Shield - Focused on preventing injuries
Battle Surgeon - Good at repairing very serious wounds
Vestal Aurora - Specialized in healing multiple combatants
Cunning Debilitator - good with optic flares and other offensive tactics

Construction Foreman - excels at building and maintaining equipment
Mad Bomber - loves explosives
Gear Head - Vehicle user for all sorts
Hybrid Analyst - Seeks to modify and use alien technologies to augment Terran

Harbinger - Plague master, good with groups of enemies
Gloom Wreeker - Specialized in dark swarm abilities
Pit Fiend - Poison and run tactician
Dark Aeon - Assassin type, hunts down 1 target untill its destroyed.

Hunter Killer:
Devastator - Melee specialist
Armored Regenerist - Tank unit that can take massive amounts of damage
Caustic Fiend - Enhances spines with Acid for effective ranged unit
Sinister Prowler - Burrowing specialist likes to work with other borrowers to ambush

Devouring One:
Ravenous One - replenishes health by consuming flesh in combat
Slashing Cyclone - focused on increasing the number of attacks
Mischievous Skulk - Burrower who can actually tunnel underground
Skitterring Horror - Atacker based on running slash attacks (fly-by attack style)

Abominatrix - Uses knowledge from experiments to modify self
Twisted Grafter - Moved beyond manipulating DNA to grafting new limbs etc. to underlings
Brood Mother - Focused on increasing the number of her minions and spawn ability
Fierce Temptress - uses pheremones and other biological influences to seduce enemies

Prestige Classes (possible)

Bounty Hunter - Skilled at capturing their prey alive for the reward.
Chrome Commander - A talented pilot on either ground or in the air.
Crime Lord - Manipulator who moves in the shadows of society.
Jack of All Trades - Can use just about anything, and do just about any job.
Marauder - Heavy weapons and armor specialist, favors dual launchers.

Aeon of Light - Upholder of all that is good and righteous, gifted with minor healing.
Child of Adun - Fusion of the Way of the Blade, and the Way of the Mind.
Dark Magistrate - Will use anything to achieve the goals he has set before himself.
Excogitant - Contemplative who considers things through rituals and meditations.
Preserver - Sacred keeper of the memories of the entire Protoss race.

Bloodbane - Uses its own mutated blood as a dangerous implement.
Carnophage - Consumes living and dead alike to regain energy.
Infectious One - An unhealthy specimen that carries multiple disabling diseases.
Scrap Hoarder - Fascinated by the ther races’ technology it hoards pieces and uses them.
Trophy Collector - Wears its defeated foes to become more frightening

Legendary Destinies

Dark Archon
Twilight Archon

Warrior of Twin Paths
Mad Scientist?
War Hero
Master Mentalist

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Heres the Character sheet as I've redesigned it thus far... may be changes to come if the system changes:
SC D20 pg 1 (http://i752.photobucket.com/albums/xx167/DarkCerberusX/Dungeons%20and%20Dragons%20Pics/SCCharSheet1.jpg)
SC D20 pg 2 (http://i752.photobucket.com/albums/xx167/DarkCerberusX/Dungeons%20and%20Dragons%20Pics/SCCharSheet2.jpg)