View Full Version : company of the standing coins / forgotten realms

07-05-2010, 06:34 PM
Looking for a no holds bar realms game .High adventure , high magic , and a game where you earn what you keep and keep what you want . Tired of the passive game . Want players that know and love the realms . Powergamers welcome and all others that dare , this game will have teeth .Game will be weekly but not on weekends . So dust off your swords , sharpen your axes , break out that old spell book, and wax your wands . Lets get this party started ....

07-07-2010, 01:32 AM
Count me in! Where are we holding this and what day/time? I'll be a barbarian. Probably a dwarf that rides a boar.

07-07-2010, 09:21 AM
right now we are just getting everything in order . for the game to be as enjoyable for everybody but need a few people to make the game rock . i am avaliable from monday afternoons til thursday . as i work weekends . so if you know of anymore people , we can all get together and round out the game and party , also looking for alternate DM's to give everyone a chance to play .

03-17-2011, 04:16 PM
the game will be thursday in murfreesboro from 6 till 10pm