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07-01-2010, 05:20 PM
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Go to GenCon! Run games! Get rewards! (http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2010/07/go-to-gencon-run-games-get-rewards/)

It’s now July, which means August is not far off, which in turn means GenCon (http://gencon.com/2010/indy/default.aspx) is looming ahead something like Godzilla, preparing to lumber down on the not-as-prepared-as-they-thought-they-were residents of Tokyo. We’ve got good stuff coming together, but what we could really use are people who would be willing to share their love of Shadowrun with attendees of the con. Do you have the knowledge, skills, and general awesomeness that is needed to run a convention game of Shadowrun? Then do it at GenCon (August 5-8, in Indianapolis) and get rewarded!

Perhaps at this time you’re wondering, “What, pray tell, are these rewards of which you speak?” Glad you asked! Here’s the deal: Spend enough time running games, you get the first level of rewards. Spend enough time to get to the second level, and you get both the first- and second-level rewards. Spend enough time to reach the third level . . . well, we have this figured out now, right? So here are the levels:

8 hours = a CGL shirt
12 hours = $25 paid last day of convention (great for buying some last-day food!)
16 hours = Convention badge. That’s right, get in GenCon free!
20 hours = $100 paid on last day of convention (defray your housing expenses!)
24 hours = $60 in CGL product to buy on the last day of the convention

Interested in this excellent pay-for-play opportunity? Then apply to be a Catalyst Demo Team agent (http://www.catalystdemos.com/Enlist.asp)! Got a question? Send it to info@shadowrun4.com.