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06-29-2010, 06:32 AM
Here's the blurb from the home page of the game:

"Benders is the story of a group of friends that were on a canoe trip in Minnesota. They got involved (against their will) with a military experiment gone terribly wrong. The military has created the technology to bend space and planned on using it to quickly move troops and equipment around the planet. The jump portal malfunctioned before the friends went through it and instead of ending up 15 miles away at another secret military base, they found themselves in Oregon on a dirt road.

They started walking down the road, trying to find a town so they could get transportation home. That's when they were jumped by a bunch of kobolds. Things have only gotten worse since then but they do believe they have found someone that can help them get home.

There's just this one little task they need to complete first.


Benders might best be described as a combination of Quantum Leap and Stargate, where the characters are leaping about trying to find a way back to their home plane and time.

Benders is a d20 Modern play by post game, played completely online. The DM makes a post in the Adventure Log and the players respond to it. The DM responds in the comments with the players or begins a new thread by creating a new Adventure Log.

Benders is looking for a new player to take on the role of CB.

CB (female) was a screenwriter on the home plane but now finds that she has psionic abilities and sees symbols in her dreams. The manifestations of her powers have been very sporadic but she is intrigued at what might be possible. CB is going to be taking levels in Telepath because it's a crucial part to the game so you have to be able to live with that restriction. She is friends with the rest of the people that she was camping with and would never betray them (without some kind of strong coercion)). Those are the two restrictions that I am placing on the character but there is no need to try to be true to the
original character beyond that.

We are using d20 Modern as the foundation for the rules but are incorporating rules from other sources and incorporating some homebrew stuff. Players should be flexible in their approach to the rules and are encouraged to help develop new areas of the rules. Players are also asked every level for input on what they would like to see in character in the game.

If you're interested in playing this character, send me a message and let's talk."

You can find more informaton on the game HERE (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/benders).