View Full Version : Historical Adventures BBG Collection #2

Simon W
06-27-2010, 06:38 AM
Whilst putting the finishing touches to the first collection in this series, I'm now starting to think about the second one. Again, it will be three of my popular role playing games - this time Go Fer Yer Gun!, Medieval Mysteries and 1940: England Invaded!. The first two are modified D20, inspired by the old school revival and Castles & Crusades in particular. The third was never released as a full rpg (although it is freely downloadable from 1KM1KT) - it uses a D20 but isn't "D20".

The artwork is being done by Darrel Miller (who did the SUPERS! art) and he is really doing a great job. I'll post some of it shortly.

More news as it develops.