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03-03-2007, 12:58 PM
Hi Ho All,

I've been out of action for some time. We were playing 2.0 the last time I was in a regular group, but I've kept current on 3.5.

Looking for a group in the Laurel, MD area. Preferably a Forgotten Realms campaign, as that world 'rocks'. I'm looking for a reasonably mature group. Not so much mature in years as behavior. I'd really like to avoid walking into a tavern and hearing another player ask "Are there any hot babes in here?". GMs who have close personal relationships (marriage excluded) with other players would also fall into this class.

Balance is important. It's soooo inconvenient when most of the players have at best +1 armor and weapons, but ONE player (who happens to date the GM) is swinging ye olde +5 Dragon Slaying Vorpal Blunt Instrument of Sharpness with Double Elemental Bursting and Multiple Regenerating Wishes.

Barring those extremes, though, perhaps we'll click!

I tend to favor Rogues, but rogues with a good alignment, and focus on combat skill at arms, stealth, mobility. If you're looking for a box-man, I'm not your man. I also play a mean healer-priest.

I have three ready to go characters, all 8th level. They are characters I played extensively under 2.0 and have updated to 3.5. They are:

1. A F2R6 Fighter Thief Acrobat - Camron has Killer skills at stealth and mobility. Little to none at disarming traps and the like. Devastating Moment of Impact on attacks. It often seems he's eight places at one time, with bodies falling left and right.

2. A P8 Healer Priest of Ilmater. Mendicus seeks a home to build a temple. He adventures regularly, and is a kick-butt healer and no slacker at dishing it out.

3. Jenna Simusdotter is a Half-Ogre Female Warrior. Not the brightest spoon in the drawer, Jenna is still a real asset in up front combat. Like most half-ogres, Jenna's has some impulse control issues, and needs guidance. While humans have the three Rs (Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic), half-ogres have the three Fs (Feeding, Fighting and... well, you know). Jenna follows Selune, so most full moons she can be found gambolling thru the moonlight. But otherwise, she kicks ass, not bothering to take names; she doesn't hold grudges as corpses have never done her any wrong...

TaTaForNow (TTFN)

The Wandering Bard
06-05-2007, 01:47 AM
Hey nice to meet you. I live in Emmitsburg MD but don't mind the travel. If the gaming is worth it. I love to play the ever versital Bard. I have a Level 6 right now, and can easily level up to 8th to follow suit. I am Mature but I enjoy having fun and am also a HUGH forgotten realms fan.
If you find others perhapes we can get a group going.

06-15-2007, 01:51 PM
hey there, I might be moving around there, in/near Frederick, later this year
I'll look you two up again if I do

The Wandering Bard
06-16-2007, 11:36 AM
Great, hope to hear from you again