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I'm making this post for the GM. Below is the basic description that came from the RPtools.net forums. We currently only have 2 players and have driven on with the game but we are looking for more. We have played 2 sessions which entailed breaking out of a tank full of water and start the fight for our lives. It's been alot of fun so far.

We use MapTools which can be found here http://rptools.net/ (http://rptools.net/) and Skype http://www.skype.com/ (http://www.skype.com/) for communication.

Game Days: Saturday
Game Time: 6pm EST

If you're interested please PM me and I'll get you in contact with the GM.

Thanks for your time


I need to add that characters are pre-generated. So if you wanted to try GURPS but was worried about character generation don't be. It is possible to modify the existing pregenerated characters w/ GMs approval. Don't be scared.

Brief Game Blurb
Originally run as a homebrew local group campaign that has just been retconned for online play.
10 years ago, it began as a Farscape style game with Homeworld 2 overtones that later grew to encompass aspects of: Unreal 2 - The Awakening, GURPS 1e Space Atlas, GURPS 1e Aliens, GURPS Humanx, GURPS Star Wars, GURPS Star Trek, TSR Star Frontiers, FASA Battletech.
Recent changes for online play update the infuences to include aspects of: F.E.A.R., Crysis but in the final analysis I would decribe it as a "Farscape" orientation in the "Homeworld" galaxy.
Local game began with 4 pc's and 12 npc's....finally ended with 4 pc's, 4 "alternate future" pc's(became a reoccuring theme), 4 "mirror universe" pc's (only used in a "one-shot") and 26 surviving npc's (at least 14 others were introduced but died horribly in true "red shirt" fashion!)
At start, all players and most npc's were involed in all game aspects...then as time passed and the crew grew, adventures only utilized small portions of the crew for gaming episodes very similar to an SF series where not every episode was devoted to every character involved yet revolved around the players.
Scripted with 30 full epic-sized adventures (it ran for 10 years as a local game), it has been lowered to 4 sections of 3 mini-adventures in each for ease of online completion.

More information the original posted thread can be found here http://forums.rptools.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=14462&start=30

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