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06-15-2010, 12:08 PM
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Explore the Sixth World with three upcoming products! (http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2010/06/explore-the-sixth-world-with-three-upcoming-products/)

Coming soon, three indispensable Shadowrun sourcebooks that delve into the gritty depths of the Sixth World. An unparalleled look at a host of different facets of the universe you can apply in every game you play!


Sixth World Almanac

How bad was the VITAS outbreak for the people who were there? What was Renraku Arcology—and its operating software—like before it became a total nightmare? How does it feel to get off a plane and set foot in the ghoul kingdom of Asamondo?

The Sixth World Almanac is the ultimate compendium of Sixth World energy, history, and geography. With the most detailed timeline in Shadowrun’s history and write-ups of nearly forty major nations, this book immerses players and gamemasters in the Sixth World deeper than they have ever been.

The Almanac is full of Shadowrun firsts, including the first-ever full-color map of the entire Sixth World and new fiction covering historic eras that have never been detailed in past sourcebooks. Open the Almanac and fall into the Sixth World—let the art, the maps, and the writing bring you more completely into one of the most exciting, enduring role-playing settings of all time!


They can have their offices, their paychecks, their 2.2 kids and their robot-trimmed lawns. Screw ‘em. They trudge through life, doing what other people tell them to do, never having an original thought, burying themselves so deep down inside they might never come out.

You’re not them. The world’s not giving you anything, so you’re going to take what you can get. You’re on the streets, on your own. Maybe you’re helping an orxploitation band shoot to the top, maybe you’re climbing up the Street Brawl ladder, or maybe you’re getting famous just for being you. Whatever you do, you’ll do it your way, because dying beats the hell out of selling out.

Attitude helps shadowrunners live the untethered life by giving them the lowdown on music, entertainment, sports, and other scenes where they can make their mark without selling their soul. A repository of Sixth World culture along with a treasury of new ways to run in the shadows, Attitude is an indispensable resource for all Shadowrun players.


The diplomats have failed. The tensions have only grown worse. Each side has pushed the other too far, so there’s nothing left to do but fight. At the border of Aztlan and Amazonia, war has broken out.

This isn’t an ordinary war. Sure, there are plenty of guns, grenades, and bombs flying around; the streets of Bogota are being pummeled, and mercenaries are being hired and killed in approximately equal numbers. But there’s more going on—blood is being spilled in dark rooms to give strength to mages on the battlefield, and there are dark secrets in the jungle that surrounds Bogota.

War! puts Shadowrun players into the world of open combat. From sabotage missions behind enemy lines to intelligence operations to small-squad mercenary tactics, War! provides the background information, gear, and rules players need to survive and thrive on the firing line.

Want all this text in attractive PDF format? Follow this link (http://catalystgamelabs.com/pdfs/SR_Explore%20the%20Sixth%20World%20Ad%20URL_lowrez .pdf)!