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06-15-2010, 01:24 AM
I've been involved in RPG's for the last 14 years. Currently I am looking to start a new campaign with a brand new troope. The game itself will utilize the D&D 3.5 system and is established in a Homebrew setting of my own creation. I am looking for approximately 4 players interested in a game of intrigue and emotion.

While I enjoy driving my two-handed Greatsword through the brain base of a Great Red Wyrm as much as the next guy... I also feel the game has much more to offer then slaying shinny xp piņata's. So if you are interested in doing more then simply killing monsters from the MM and getting that next level up; if you are actually interested in playing a "Role Playing" game, send me a message.

Schedule wise I am looking to play every other Sunday starting around 10:00 - 11:00 local time and going until 5:00 - 6:00. I ask that players provide their own means of transportation, maintain a certain level of decorum, have socially acceptable hygiene & have a reasonable amount of maturity.

As a side note "black dog" scene's, sexually based character concepts or plot requests are not welcome.

Miciah Dodge
06-15-2010, 08:41 PM
Hi Tyrael,

I'm definitely interested in the game! I'm getting tired of the following scene: "Okay, you're fighting X number of Y monsters. <rolling, rolling rolling> Okay they're dead. What now?" "We search the room, cover our backs then move to the next room." Over, and over, and over. And over. I'm all about the story and characters and LOVE the role-playing aspect. At the same time, I'm laid-back and just want to have a good time. Sundays are--with very few exceptions--free for me, so the time would be perfect. I meet all of your criteria re: decorum, hygiene, etc. and definitely approve of the restriction. My e-mail is miciahdodge at gmail dot com; looking forward to hearing from you!


06-15-2010, 09:11 PM

Thank you for your response. I have sent you a message as requested, I hope it finds you well. I look forward to discussion more details regarding the game with you soon.


06-16-2010, 01:57 AM
Greetings Tyrael,

As with Miciah I am also looking for a great role playing group. I'll be sending you a pm soon and let you know some details. Sounds like an excellent experience!


06-16-2010, 09:22 PM

I received your message, and I am glad that you are interested in the game. So far I have three players including yourself. Once we have a fourth response I will establish a time / place for all of us to meet together and discuss the game in person. Again thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting everyone in person.


06-17-2010, 08:33 PM

We are still looking for one more player at our table for a Bi-Weekly Sunday D&D 3.5 game. If the above interests you please post your reply here or feel free to PM me directly.