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06-06-2010, 07:46 PM
The sun has been up in the sky for only a couple of hours and yet I find myself at the doors of the "Call of the Owl" along with some fellow adventurers from all over the realms. We don't know each other but all share the desire to peek into the magic mirrors to witness the titanic battles :fencing:in the far kingdom of the Sagittariidae, home of the Pretorian King.

The Priestesses of Aphrodite pour the nectar of malted barley while the aroma of flying buffalo being roasted saturates the hall. :hungry:

Although earthquakes and lightning shatter the land where the armies clash against each other, the troubles of the rest of the world seem to magically disappear and only the voice of thunderous greek chorus is heard while they sing the story of heroes' and demigods' great deeds.

Pain and suffering show through the enchanted glass and still is impossible to turn the eyes away :behindsofa:.

And then!!!! Like the roar of a thousand lions a song of victory is chanted by the once fixated multitude:


DE MEEEEXICO!!!!! :grouphug:

The World Cup is here!!!:first:

06-14-2010, 09:05 PM
I thought the most popular sport in the world would have more followers at PnPG. :confused:

According to some statistics I heard in NPR, more people watches MLS games in USA than NBA or NHL. And USA is the country who sent more tourists to South Africa for the World Cup :usa2: for the first time.

Anyway, Mexico tied with South Africa and USA tied England. It looks like USA has good chances to go to the second round since England was the Powerhouse in the group.

I also feel sorry for Boulet (Haven't seen him around for a while) for the imminent defeat of France this Thursday :lalala:.

Haven't been able to see most games, My Outback friend (Mexican living in Oz) is still devastated by the socceroos match against Germany.

See you later ...


06-15-2010, 09:59 AM
Appearently they must all be down there to see the games in person.