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06-03-2010, 10:26 AM
Hi. This campaign will run off the core book and the players will need little more than rudimentary knowledge of this book alone (though characters can include templates from the other books as I have them all). The time is GMT +00 from 7 onwards. If you want to alter this, just post and I'll see what we can do.

As a GM, I have a lot of experience in hosting DH and DnD 1ed/4ed. I see the tabletop format as a storytelling experience rather than just a dice game. I admire, enjoy and reward creativity in those who my games and litterally NO character personality is taboo.
My games tend to revolve around mystery and occasionally fear and moral battles. Though major encounters may not arise every session, they are usually tense or impressive.

The one thing i do expect to see in these games is a commitment to the group enjoyment of the game where no one's role is neglected and no one's involvement in their own way goes unnoticed.

As far as characters go, their backround, class, gender, personality and motivations are all up to you and the only guidlines to follow are these: The character must be first rank(400xp to start) and stats should be rolled online in front of me. Alternatively, you have a base score for each characteristic equal to the base score for your chosen home world and you start with 100 points to spend. You may spend no more than 20 points on any stat and stats cannot be lowered without discussed backround explanations.

A copy of the briefing is attached. Have a read.

Post any questions you have here.

07-07-2011, 01:12 PM
do you still need a player?

ive never played dark heresy, but have played a little deathwatch and ive been looking for a game for awhile now. let me know if i can get in. thanks