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06-02-2010, 12:56 PM

I don't know where to post this, so if it should (or can) be moved, please do
so-- if it doesn't belong here at all, I apologize.

Professional photographer & long time gamer seeking other Upstate NY
gamers to be photographed in their home environment as part of a portfolio
to be presented for grad school applications (MFA in photography). I am
based in the Albany area, so closer is better, but I don't mind traveling.

I would need about a half hour of your time, and would pay you in
prints. You pick non- garb wardrobe, any props, and any other
people you want to appear with. I will be represented as well via
a self portrait.This body of work will be presented as ‘supporting
materials’ with grad school applications, and may be exhibited
locally next winter.

“My goal here is partly to make a solid bit of the best work that I can,
partly to involve my own life in my work, and partly to help make the
gaming world more accepted in mainstream culture-- to show that
we are not all freaks, weirdos, and antisocial loners-- that there is an
entire subculture of likeminded individuals who love what they do, and
that it is OK to do it.”

Please get in touch if you are interested.