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05-29-2010, 03:42 PM

We have started a Website for nWoD free play and am looking for players and maybe a ST, if we get some more players.(I was put in charge of making this advertisement)

The site is

What Supernaturals are allowed to be PC's?

Skin Thieves
Well made Slashers/Blood Bathers/Body Snatchers(key word is Well made -,-)

and almost anything allowed by the WoD books used by the site(I got them listed on the site)

Some things you might need to know:

1)The Site is Play by Post, and I make a point of trying to be on at least once, or twice a day. as a rule of thumb, when it comes to RP EXP, more active people get more exp, but quality RP is important too.

2)Players have a large say on what they want too see in the site, and how things happen in the site.
I.E: if vampire players team up with werewolf players and a promie, and they try to kill the prince, the ST's will almost never say "no you can't do that because of XXYYZZ" Just remember to RP and every action has a equal and opposite reaction.

3)you can get EXP from more then just participating in stories, you can:
Write literary's for EXP
Post helpful player guides, and other resources for exp
You can Role play between stories(gives you time to heal up)
keeping a dairy of your characters actions can give you a boat load of EXP

4)Back stories determine how powerful you are at the start, up to 30 EXP can be awarded from back stories.

5)Its free to all, PM Promethean when you enter to get started!

(on a side note, a rule of thumb, we won't try and pair someone with 30 EXP and someone with 150 EXP in the same story)

The Setting

West Pass

West Pass is a metropolis city at the pass into the mountains, although the urban area of the city is a mere 20 miles in diameter, the rural area gos on for miles and miles, allowing players massive territories to rule for werewolf's, or a lot of places to hide for other characters (building a secret fort out in the woods is a good idea as well)

players have a level of control when it comes to the city, if you want a public building to be build for you, you can do it! and if it becomes popular enough, we will make a forum for it! ever want your changeling to own a motel? what better way to harvest dreams? but watch out for Vamps trying to get an easy meal.

Try the site, if you don't like it, leave a message of why your leaving, so we know your threads are over.