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05-27-2010, 12:23 AM
I recently posted an ad for a Rise of the Runelords Campaign, but after reading a good book which inspired my fantasy imagination I've decided to go with a custom one of a setting that I was thinking of a while back. So While I will be working on a bit of info for the campaign setting I'll post here what I can about the game.

Seeking players: 2-3

Current Players
Wizard/Sorcerer(Custom class)

We will be using Skype Text Chat for OOC chat and Maptools for IC chat as will as Combat Macros(For rolls and such though you can make some extra ones with flavour text.) If you're unable to make macros yourself, I can help you out making some basic macros and teaching you the basics of macro making in Maptools. While for most combat I will simply describe things and players will tell me their actions and we won't use Maptool map feature for that. Sometimes I will make large encounters (20+ monsters) and for large things I will use the map feature for.

The game will take place with Text, though at least one of my players wants to have a Skype Voice going for OOC, This is completely Optional.

Status of Homebrew Materials
As a rule I'm generally accepting of Homebrew materials, though classes are one of those things I'm kind of iffy about. For a Homebrew Class I want to see the progression chart and as much info as possible on the class and it's future. Prestige Classes require less information, but Base Classes I like the standard readout for them.

Custom Feats, Magic Items, and Prestige Classes are highly encouraged if possible.

Starting info
Starting at Level 3 with 5000 gold and One +1 Magic Weapon or Armor without further enchantment.
Most races will be accepted and I may take ideas for Homebrew Races, but that is the one area of Homebrew that I may not be likely to accept.
Character must be Good or Neutral. Though if you're interested in playing a more evil-oriented character you can talk to me about it.

Other Information you should know
This group is likely to be very RP-centric with a 70:30 Roleplay:Combat Ratio. While we all enjoy Combat, RP is going to be a very big thing. And our Pending person is a Storywriter irl and gets big into RP, I'm unsure if they're playing as of right now, but that should give you an idea of our focus. As such, a good Backstory with some possible Story hooks will benefit you a lot in this game.

General Setting Info
This will be largely based in Urban environments with the Players occasionally taking some wilderness time for travel or for work. We'll be in a pretty Standard Fantasy setting with elements drawn from several other settings in a new way. I'll be putting together a pdf with some more information about the rest of the world and some more detail about what I'll be telling you by the end of this post.

A Beginning
You've all hired lodging and passage in the same boat to the city-Island of Lomren, The Capital of of the Small Nation of Curia. The City is said to float on the water, but like most who've never seen it before You're not likely to believe such a thing. After several days of travel you hear the ship's crew scream out "LAND HO!" You come out to the deck and after a couple minutes of waiting you see the city of Lomren. From this distance you see a city that seems to climb to the middle where a large tower you know is called the "Floating Citadel" stand above the rest. At this distance you think that the island much be hilly, but as you pull closer you realize there is no port and that ships are docks around the entire city's border and their cargo seems to be shuttled to and from on small, Barge-like, craft.

After getting to the outer limits of the city you hear a noise inside your head "Proceed to Area 5, Station 7 for inspection and Docking." The captain doesn't miss a beat as he yells out "You heard the fella Lads! Station 7!" The crew seems to work on pulling the Ship into an area before a small Barge with a large "5-7" written in a luminescent Red.

Begin Game

Little Info
As you can see You'll be starting in a city similar to Venice, though very different. The City of Lomren is lead lead by a King and Queen Pair. They are always brother and Sister, Fraternal Twins and Therefore never produce offspring. As such each generation Two new Rulers are selected and tutored to become the rulers by the Mage Council. This way they prevent to much corruption and The development of Dynasties. One of the Twins is trained in Magic, while the other is trained in Martial Affairs. This system has been in effect for a long time.

Lomren was formed by refugee Magicians some 700 years ago. They left by ship where they are said to have created an island for all those seeking refuge from a war between the two countries to north and south. The city has since expanded and sports a population of varying races, though mostly Humans and Human Sub-Species(Half-Elves, Aasimar, Teiflings etc.)

The current rulers are Roygaris and Hera. Roygaris is the Mage-trained while Hera is the Warrior. They have ruled for the past 10 years and are currently 30 years of age. Roygaris is reported to be a powerful Wizard with a striking appearance(Though he seems utterly uninterested in women) While Hera almost appears male at first glance, though most respect her as good looking, she's more Handsome than anything else. She's reported to be a hard and angry woman.

So there's some Info. If you have more questions or want to contact me you can do so my emailing me at xenoziden@gmail.com or contacting though skype(deathwray)

05-27-2010, 04:14 PM
I know little about maptools and the pathfinder system, but I have alot of experience in 3.5 which i heard is pretty similar. If your willing to take on a newbie, i would be willing to learn

05-31-2010, 01:13 PM
I would like to play if you still have an opening