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05-26-2010, 10:28 PM
Ever put your heart and soul into a concept, only to see it fall apart after a few sessions? We have. You know the culprits: flaky DMs, unreliable players, disruptive characters, and just plain bad role-playing. We have seen these things tear down what could have been a wonderful experience, and we are tired of it. We have decided that it is time to stop hoping a better game will come our way, and take the initiative.

The two of us are looking for a DM who is as devoted to building an intriguing in-depth campaign as us. We believe in having well fleshed out characters with complex relationships. You won’t find any brain dead fighters who can’t say a word outside of “I full attack” here.

As for the actual game, we have several premade character concepts that were built for previous games. Though these concepts have a special place in our heart, we are more than willing to start from scratch to fit into a new game world. You will find us flexible and easy to get along with. We don’t believe in drama.

There are only a few things we would like to ask for:
That the game be gestalt.
That the game be run live. (Aim, Maptools, Flash Chat, IRC, etc)
That the level be 5 or higher.
No book restrictions. (Trust is an important part of the game. We trust the dm to not try to “win the game”, and expect him to trust us not to attempt to break it.)
The ratio of role-play to combat favors role-play.
Reliability. <<Hands down the most important.

In return you will be getting this.
A group of devoted players.
Intriguing characters that grow and mature as the game goes on.
An enjoyable gaming experience with some new laid back friends.

Wish list:
Pirate/Naval Campaign
Heavy Political Intrigue Campaign
Mercenary Company
Wandering Warriors
Northern Expedition/Frostburn
Any decent non railroaded campaign that lasts more than 4 sessions.

Contact Info: moonmama17@gmail.com or reply with how we can reach you.

08-05-2010, 10:03 AM
Did you ever find a game?