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05-23-2010, 02:15 PM
Hello again, Gamers of every Race, Class, Alignment, and Chromosomal Composition!

Outland Station (comic and gaming store - Miami, FL), starting June 2nd, will be hosting a public D&D Encounters Dark Sun Campaign every Wednesday from 6:00pm - 11:00pm, free of charge, in our store!

Most of you are probably familiar with D&D 4th Edition, Dark Sun, etc., but just in case (from our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/OutlandStation (http://www.facebook.com/OutlandStation)):

D&D Encounters –
is an officially sanctioned Wizards of the Coast campaign (set of adventures), during which players use a character of a particular level in a pre-made adventure. The next week, new players are free to jump in with an appropriate character and old players may either bring a new character or continue with the old one. (If you are unfamiliar with D&D or 4th Edition, you are welcome to come early and we can help you make a character!)

D&D Encounters offers players a great chance to learn the game, meet other players, and to preview material that will be released later on this year… such as the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. Also, depending on the DM (“Dungeon Master” or referee), D&D Encounters can be slightly more combat-oriented than the ‘average’ campaign or our D&D Scales of War Campaign (for those who truly enjoy combat). At the moment, a DM has not been selected, although Raul Santos is currently the top-runner.

FYI: Players are starting with Level 1 characters. Beyond that, there are no restrictions on what kind of character you can make at this time.

Without giving away too much, The Dark Sun Campaign Setting –
takes place on Athas, a world turned to desert by ecological disaster (enduring environmental hardship is emphasized). No one can remember the world as it was, but poverty, slavery, injustice, and psionics have become common place. Society is generally reminiscent of the Ancient “Middle East” – Mesopotamia and North Africa. (Ooo! I’m so excited!)

FYI: Once again, those playing in these sessions will get to preview much of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. This is all new material that will be officially release later this year – so catch a peak now! ;D

For more information, please check out the EVENTS or CALENDAR sections or call us at (305) 252-1079 - ask for Raul. Also, you can learn more about D&D Encounters via www.wizards.com, or about Dark Sun via www.wikipedia.org (beware of spoilers).

Also, this is a Public Event at our store (along with D&D Scales of War, Friday Magic the Gathering Standard Constructed, and Saturday Magic the Gathering Booster Draft). If one of our events gets 12 or MORE PARTICIPANTS, our store can begin to officially offer FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC and will receive D&D BOOKS to sell ~2 months before their official release. So please come out to our events – it’s the ultimate win-win-win for D&D, MtG, and Outland Station as a whole!

So, once again, we hope to see you all there!!!

~Outland Station

PS - Check out our D&D Scales of War Campaign at: