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05-19-2010, 07:41 PM
Okay, I think I've found about everything. I posted them on my site's downloads page but also am posting them here for easier reference for everyone. Includes a morass of all kinds of files: Microsoft Publisher files, Doc, XLS, PDFs, text, etc.

WFRP 1 Buffet (http://www.zanysite.com/tabletoprpgfun/files/wfrp/wfrp1buffetjp.zip) - 2MB. First edition stuff, ships, trade goods, etc.

WFRP 2 Buffet (http://www.zanysite.com/tabletoprpgfun/files/wfrp/wfrp2buffetjp.zip) - 11MB. All my 2nd Edition stuff.

I'll try to offer clarifications or answers if I can - I'll take criticism, but remember most of this stuff was rough drafts I was working on and raw information I was compiling, so be gentle. =) Hope this proves useful!

Contents of WFRP2Buffet in mostly alphabetical order:

Alphonse Trade house PDF and PUB files - sample trade house with some wares, NPCs and a few other stats from a game a friend was running.

Encumbrance PDF and PUB - a multi page document dealing with encumbrance formulas, based on that from OWA and offering some alternate ideas, and also including ideas about coin weights and sizes, etc.

Example Gazetteer DOC - sample gazetteer for Happytown, the campaign town that the game my friend set our main HQ area in - main NPC names and the town's basic stats and equipment

Another version of the above in PDF and PUB form

Happy Town map XLSX - as described

JP Treasure XLSX - generic raw listing of treasure and treasure-related, such as room content, objects, for compilation into various charts

Land Types PDF and PUB files - custom charts and rules for different sizes and categorization of portions of land, based fairly solidly on historical measurements, as modified by game and dice mechanic considerations, and charts with minerals and vegetation and water features

Random item stuff XLSX - similar to JP Treasure - just lists of items, things, animals, trade goods, ships and stats, food, etc.

Readme txt file

Scen-Into the Warrens PDF - open-ended pseudo-adventure with ghouls

Simcity Warhammerland XLSX - looks like the XLS sheet for the Land Types PDF

Treeplanthergrass XLSX - compilation of vegetation and climate related info lists

Scan of one of my PCs PDF

WFRP 1 Follower Sheet PDF XLS

Various WFRP2 Character Sheet variations (with CoC style skills) PDF and PUB

Character creation summary sheet in PDF PUB and XLSX format

Conversion table for WFRP1 to 2 from Liber Fanatica Vol 1 and Zoat and Fimir PC Careers in XLSX and PDF format

Another gazetteer in PDF and PUB format

Gems and jewels very small or unfinished supplement in PDF and PUB format

Mass Combat and Seige rules PDF

Germanic names list with D1000 dice roll XLSX

Nobility Ranks and Titles and descriptions PDF

Glarpgirth NPC Town Pet Ogre DOC

NPC Record Sheet XLS

Grimoire Sheet PDF and and PUB

Town Profile Sheet XLS

Town Sheet Detailed (CIA World Factbook style) PUB

Town Sheet Standard PDF

Town Profile Sheet Simple PDF

Bruisers and Bonebreakers PDF PUB - unarmed combat and wrestling rules

Wrestling Careers PNG - image of both wrestling Careers on one page

Winter's Cold Heart - scenario with Wendigo PDF

Trade and Ships XLS

Random animal List - was going to compile into random animal chart XLS

WFRP1Buffet similar but much smaller, containing earlier versions of ships, magic and wrestling rules, etc.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
05-19-2010, 08:16 PM
I'm a huge WFRP fan and your material is gold. Thanks for sharing. Okay, going to check out all the nuggets now.